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Christie and Irene


Was it just me, or did Christie get far more coverage than governors in others states affected by hurricane Irene this past weekend? Not only did he get a lot of time in the spotlight, but I think he handled himself well. He was characteristically honest, straightforward, and practical in his comments, compared to the other governors that I saw.

I doubt this means he is positioning himself as a latecomer to the 2012 election, but the positive press sets him up well for 2016.


He'd sure as hell get my vote. I wish congress were filled with guys like him instead of what we're stuck with. Both sides.


I've actually seen some people giving him bad press for his tone saying he was unprofessional.


Personally, I would like to see him slam his desk with his shoe like Khrushchev.

I tire iron would also work.


Hurricanes are getting more and more politicized. I think NOAA should make it official by putting a (D) or (R) after each name that way each party will know whose turn it is to over hype and grandstand what is really a common, albeit sometimes deadly and destructive, occurance