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Christians of T-Nation


Just wanted to see how many Christians love exercise and learning about the body as much as(if not more than)I do.


Gee Golly do we!


Best of luck with this thread, sir.


Don't learn too much about the body...

you'll go to hell.


I'm a pastafarian like Makavali.

(I recently converted from being an Agnostic).


Religion? eh.

This thread has potential.


MG: haha,I believe the body is a gift and it should be treated like a temple...a strong temple.

Spry PASTA-farian? Rastafarian?

Nonetheless, thx for the respectful replies.


I meant Pastafarian. Mak, I'm sure, will jump in and explain our beliefs.

Enjoy your training,


OMG, we are the same height and weight.

That is cool.


I'm in a funny place. I use to be a christian. Now i'm agnostic, does that count?


No, Pastafarians.


You have to excuse us, we were under siege for a whole year and when someone posts about religion we get nasty flashbacks.


MG: Yeah, I saw that too. I am pleasantly content with my height.

Olympian: ...sure. Why not?


Paging RSG, RSG to the infirmary please...


Under siege? I am just looking to see if there are any fellow Xians in the nation...the whole pastafarian thing made me hungry...


Warning dude.. the internet is not a safe place to talk about things near and dear to your heart.

Good luck.

(Catholic btw)


lol, im Christian

personally I find many people who mock religion are uncomfortable with how they have live their life so...


lol. Funny.

I mock religion because it makes no sense what so ever.

But those who get defensive when you call people on the BS of it, they are the ones that get uncomfortable and angry/defensive




No. Not at all.


That's right. Submit to Christ or pay the fucking consequences!