Christian's Bulgarian Training

If i were to use Christians Bulgarian Program posted here

And if i were to use EDT principles of on the light days, wouldn’t this also be a good routine to gain size?? It would look like this

Day 1- Hard Session
hang clean
back squat
chin up
Day 2-Easy Session
bench press- 15 min PR zone- 65%1RM 4 reps per set
push press- same as bench
incline bench- same as bench
Day 3- Easy Session
hang clean- 15 min PRzone- 65%1RM 4reps/set
back squat- same as clean
chin up- same as clean
Day 4- Hard Session
bench press
push press
cg bench

Any comments here?


he said himself in the article - good for athletes who want to get stronger without getting bigger :slight_smile:

Aren’t you asking about some new program like every week? Do you ust ask for the future? Or are you just hopping between all of em?

You should pick something and do it.

I’m wondering with ryno as well…

I’ve seen you flip like 3-4 diff programs.