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Christians Against Torture


Some backbone and conscience from evangelicals:



I applaud this.


So do I.



So do you disapprove of Bush?


I disapprove of many of the things that President Bush has done regarding privacy issues and various war methodologies.

On the other hand I heartily agree with many of the things he has done regarding domestic issue such as tax relief etc.

I don't know of any thinking man who will follow any party blindly, with no questions asked.

Do you?


Where were these folks during the Spanish Inquisition?


They were illiterate semi-slaves working the fields.

The literate rest was either on the business end of the Spanish Inqisition or didn?t want to end there.

And hey,
the inqisition meant well...

After all they were only torturing the mortal body to save the immortal soul...


The inquistion meant well???


You cannot be serious -- actually your an idiot!


I am serious.

Some of them actually did believe, that in order to save the immortal soul (extremely important), it was justified to harm or even destroy its mortal vessel.

They KNEW it was ok, because they KNEW there was a God and they KNEW the bible was his holy book.

Then they worked backwards from there.

I am sure you recognize that approach to life. Must feel strangely familiar to you.

You just don?t like me, because I think that the ideas your life revolves around are fairy tales.

That does not make me an idiot, but thank you, oh semi-literate one.