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Christian's 7 Hypertrophy Techniques!

Dave states:

Dear Christian,

As a lifelong ectomorph 6’6", 210 lbs (originally 168 lbs when I had stopped growing), I have plateaued in size gains for a decade despite all sorts of things. I figured at 47, that was my limit in size.

I have never felt the pleasure of my tshirt being tight on my arms, until I followed your 7 hypertrophy techniques in my workout today and put my shirt back on at the end of it.

One word: awesome!

Thank you very much! Even if I don’t get any real size gains, it was cool to feel my shirt sleeves tight against my biceps for once.

Great to hear man. Arthur Jones (who invented the Nautilus machines and trained many bodybuilders of the golden era) said that when you get an unusual pump in your arms (i.e. it measures bigger than it normally does when pumped) it’s a sign that this part is primed for growth. So there is hope.