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how do Christian readers of this website view this website? What is your opinion, as a Christian, of this website? (DO Christians view this website?)

What? Christians don’t want abs and nice biceps? Or are you referring to the pro-steroid articles? Hmm, was it okay for Christians to use steroids back when they were legal? How about in other countries where you get them over the counter? Are you a Christian in TJ but not Cali? Are steroids not Christian? Are they immoral or just illegal? (Big difference.) Did God say that or your government? Does your government speak for God? Is it Christian to use aspirin? That’s killed a lot more people than juice after all. How about all those Christian women on Prozac and diet pills?

What about other religions? A religious person is not necessary Christian, that’s a Western view. In short, why wouldn’t Christians view this website?

Do you have some particular aspect of this website that you’re looking for comment on?


You would have to first define “christian” as that is wildly open to interpretation. From your tone I would have to say you are not asking the average christian that question. You appear to be searching for like minded individuals with similar attitudes however you do not have the balls to express yours.

I’ve got to fly the IDIOT flag on this one, fellas.

Besides, we all know everyone here is Jewish :slight_smile:

Lonnie I believe you are referring to ‘born again’ Christians. Yes? People that I work with and a few neighbors refer to themselves as such, but are technically ‘born again’.

Are you people that ignorant? One of you goes on a rant about roids, one says he doensn’t have balls. Why? He/she simply asked for the opinions of christians who view this site. I found no negative comments in his post. Geez, are some of you that fearfull of christianity? Boo!!! Good GOD people, some of you get christianphobic every time the word is mentioned. Get a life.

d-o-e-s-n-’-t not doensn’t…f-e-a-r-f-u-l not fearfull.
christians…christianity??..perhaps you meant Christians…Christianity??

(Smarter…humm…maybe not!) From one of the “forum” regulars.

I consider myself a Christian and my opinion on this website is that it’s the most informative, no BS weightlifting/nutrition site that I’ve been able to find. :slight_smile:

Lonnie, I’ve asked what aspect of this site you are questioning christians about. As a christian who does view this site (along with many others, though I haven’t seen T-Rev in a while), I’d be willing to answer any questions, but your original post is rather broad, and I have no idea which direction to start. Steriods? Training in general? Apparent hedonism? Sex? What? If you’re just after a general view of this site (the forum) from a christian, I’d have to say that I come here to participate in discussions on a wide array of topics, many of which are training related. I glean a lot of information from the discussions here, and participate when I feel moved to do so. There are some things here that I don’t find particularly helpful, some of them are downright disgusting, but that’s just because of a world influence. I don’t condemn it (or the perpetrators of it), and I don’t dwell on it. Is that what you were looking for?

What I want to know, Lonnie, is: Why is it important to you to compartmentalize the guys using this message board? That’s the first step toward religious intolerance. If you are a bodybuilding enthusiast, welcome. If you are not, see you later. If you fall into the second category, go find a Christianity message board so you can bitch about every other faith and swap stories about how every “other” religious group is going to hell (literally).

Everyone knows that Muslims have the best builds anyway. Or was that Jews?

Is diet and exercise related to religion somehow that I’m missing?

Has Elvis really left the building?

To all of you who haven’t realized it yet, lonnie is a
TROLL!!! He and others of his ilk strategically place
such threads as these on message boards all over
the web. You can be quite sure that he doesn’t know Arnold Schwarzenegger from Arnold on “Different Strokes!” So don’t expect him to reply to your inquiries because he has posted this thread on more message boards than he can keep track of. (You
have probably seen his handiwork, in the form of religious tracts, on supermarket corkboards and on post office counters. The practice is called “planting seeds.”) No…our friend lonnie knows nothing about
our site/forum or about any of the other sites he TROLLS!! (Notice the ambiguous nature of his questions. They are carefully scripted to fit any and all message boards!) lonnie is a form of internet
virus, where it’s hit and run and leave others to slug
it out.

P.S. Do any of you remember R.G. Baseball and his lengthy post about EVOLUTION? That Bombshell was dropped on our message board about 8 months ago and had everybody tearing at each others' throats for 2 weeks straight; after over 200 hits, R.G. was long-gone... never following up on the thread to answer any of the inquires.

Christian = A follower of Christ. I am a Judeo- Christian, one who places heavy importance on the Hebrew Bible, but also believes in the New Testament. Sounds like a few of you have had bad experiences with Chrisitans. I see no relevance for this question and possibly Joey Z is correct about this TROLL so to speak. This site is not affliated with Christianity nor does it contradict its beliefs. Case closed.

Oh my, someone might have mentioned Christianity on the “OFF TOPIC” board! Sorry Lonnie, you must limit your posts to penis size, how to get women in bed, masturbation, what the best martial art is to kick ass, and digital stimulation of the prostate. OOPS! Don’t forget “how to talk chicks into letting you stick your dick up her poopshoot” is also an approved post. For shame that someone might be trying to find like minded T-mag readers to make friendships with. Does being a T-man include being an assuming intolerant prick?

I want to thank all of you for taking the time to share your thoughts, ‘Christian’ and otherwise. I didn’t set out to rile anyone, really (The “Troll” accusation has me thinking about trying that elsewhere, maybe? -kidding). I’ve experienced some difficulty, or inner conflict as I attempt to glean useful information from among some of the less tasteful material. Additionally, being a Christian, I’m sure I’m not a “t-man”, or at least certainly not in the way I’ve heard him described here. I am a father, husband, a speech/language pathologist (M.A, CCC-SLP), a Captain in the USAR (MSC), a former Persian Farsi (that’s Iranian) linguist (voice interceptor, but at FT. Bragg, mostly!), musician/vocalist,and I stay in shape. Oooooohhhhhh, can I be a t-man, pleeeeeeeeez? I don’t want to discuss what a “t-man” is, or even a Christian, for that matter-- at least not on this forum. However, I can say that the responses to my original question were enlightening. There are apparently precious few Christians reading this board (don’t know if that matters), fewer readers still that care, and possibly still fewer that know or care to know what a Christian is.

I think religion has its time and place to be discusses, and that place is not here. Being as though conflict in religion is quite abundant elsewhere in the world why would it be any different here?

Lonnie - As a Christian, I have experienced some of the same conflicts as you. That is why I rarely go over to the off-topic board. I spend 99% of my time posting in the training/nutrition forum discussing topics that interest me and trying to help out the newbies. I read through most all the articles and skip over the ones that are generally off-topic. There is NO better source of information about training, diet and supplementation. It can be a challenge some times, but I feel like T-mag provides a world of people to connect with that are on the same wavelength about building a better body. God has to come first though and my major problem is not the content on the site, but all to often I find myself on the web rather than in the word. My advice would be to avoid what makes you uncomfortable and enjoy the overwhelming amount of positive interaction and information available here.

Lonnie, if you really find this site and the people so offensive, you might want to check out the Body For Life site. Otherwise I really think you have come to the wrong place…no disrespect.