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Christiane's Results


Well, we're just back from the Canadian championships. Still dead tired from everything!

Things didn't go as planned but a lot of good things also happened.

Christiane competed in probably the strongest women's heavyweights class EVER at the Canadian Nationals... there were 13 girls there, 7 of them almost as big as me (one was actually bigger ... and would have won many of the men classes!!!). She didn't make the top 5. But she wasn't dissapointed because she did came in fantastic shape. For the first time in her life she had hard, cut legs. But at around 132lbs she was 30+lbs under most competititors. Sad thing is that the HWT class is 125lbs and more ...LOTS of difference between a 135lbs girl and a 175lbs one!!! In the US they have a lightheavy women's class (I think that it's from 126 to 140) and then an heavyweight class.

This would have been necessary for Christiane to be able to battle it out on an even playing field.

The sad thing is that we were screwed by the competition scale which was 2-3lbs light (because they put it on a carpet). On friday morning, Christiane was at around 134 but she weighed in at 130 DESPITE having carbed up the whole day!!!

If we had known that the scale would be like this she would have easily made the middleweights and from what I saw, she would have placed 2nd or 3rd.

But it's a learning experience.

We were also the victim of a bad color choice. I put 5 coats of Pro Tan (over 3 days) on her and she looked great. But we still had to add a finishing color for the stage. Now, the thing is that for a National competition in Canada, there are only 1-2 coaches allowed per province. So I didn't get to apply her color backstage. We had some Dreamtan 1 and 2 ... one sucks (gold) and the other one is good... well she came out with the gold color (not her choice, nor mine). I almost fell out of my seat! This color is great for figure competitiors becase it actually hides away some hardness and definition, making them look more feminine. But for bodybuilding purposes this was a bad choice. She used the good color and came out looking at least 7lbs heavier.

Anyway ... For the good stuff!

  • She had 4 professional photo shoots during the weekend, meaning that the photographers hired her to take pics and videos. So she made a few bucks and will gain some publicity and visibility with all of this.

  • She was the most beautiful and feminine woman out there. Of course I'm biased since she's my girlfriend, but I feel that it would be hard to argue against that.

  • The photographers loved her. All said that she had grace, was a fantastic poser, tons of charisma and superb lines. Steve Wesserman, who've been shooting female bodybuilding since it's beginning 28 years ago was amazed by her line and shape.

  • During one of the shoot she did hanging leg raises and she actually had DEEP lumbar striations. The videographer said that it was the first time he saw that (and he has filmed most of the top pro women).

So all an all it was a very positive experience. She just happened to have stumbled into a year where all the mastodont women bodybuilders decided to compete. Against last year's field the story would have probably been different.

She was probably one of the 2-3 athletes (if that) who were 100% natural at that show. However Christiane wants to make sure that she has nothing against peoples who use anabolic aid, she is not bitter AT ALL about loosing to un-natural competition. She respects everybody who competes and go through all the pain of contest prep. But staying natural was a choice she made and she is living with that decision very well.

Just to give you an idea about her competition ... the women heavyweight winner was 165lbs on 5'0" with striated glutes and 18" arms... and I'm talking peaked biceps. It think that she was the one person, man or woman, with the most muscle per inch in the competition.

We'll probably get something like 1000 pics, so I'll post 1 or 2 when I get them.


BTW, here's a picture of the girl who won the heavyweight class (Colette Guimond)


Well, gratz on the good stuff. The fact she's positive out of all this is simply amazing.

Good luck in the future, and can't wait for the pics!


Great Job - even if you did not place where you would have liked. Every event is a learning experience!

Best Wishes



Personally, I'd take her "losing" as a huge win - given the competition!

Sucks that given what the field was, and what the judges decided to reward that particular day, she probably didn't get sponsorship deals and quite as much press even though her physique is what would attract women to the sport - NOT some five foot tall man in a bikini! But, as you mentioned, she did get photo ops and catch the eye of a number of those "in the know". Very glad for that. She deserves it.

Was she happy with her conditioning? Was she happy in the aspect of her being the best Christiane she could be on that day?


Kinda like losing to a Guy -- makes you wonder what all she was taking!


I'm sorry things turned out as they did. We all know she looked great and was very prepared for this competition. She is a winner in my book. I use her physique as a scale and an example to aspire to. She is a role model for me and many of the other women on this site.


Actually she was thrilled with her whole physique. Her conditioning was great, especially at the night show when her color was good.

It's the first time she had good leg separation IN HER LIFE, so she was BY FAR her best shape ever. She looked great. She had a very athletic kinda built, like a sprinter. The kind of physique that might inspire, and not frighten women to train hard.

BTW, she is really happy right now. She loeved her weekend, got to do many shoots and looked great doing it! But now it's back to normal life!!!


Congrats on your placement, even though it wasn't the one you were aspiring for. You managed to get into fantastic shape and sounds like you made some good professional contacts, so that's great news. Stay focused on the positive and don't dwell on the negative. The weight classes do sound very unfair, though, because comparing a 165 lb. person to 135 lb. person is very difficult. I liked when the Olympia had the over- and under-200 weight classes. Even though the bigger guy almost always won the overall, at least the smaller guys received some recognition.

After seeing the pic of the winner, I can see why Christian said you were the most feminine-looking competititor on stage. All I can say is: Yikes!

Again, great job Chrisitane. You should be commended for all of your hard work and dedication you put into preparing for this contest.


congrats to both you and Christiane! please don't sacrifice the wonderful look you have put together for her, to play the size game. If the picture of the women who won her class is what is needed to succeed in women's bodybuilding I wouldn't want to win. Btw- it didn't look like the winner sported any symmetry. Good luck on the next step.


Don't worry ... she will not play the "size game" ... she likes her body as it is (and so do I!).

From now on she might only do tested shows, but we'll see.


My apologies if this has been addressed...Is Christiane natural? If so, I would have to say her fifth place finish is remarkable in a show that was obviously not drug tested if that she-male won. Yikes.

Mod Note: Christian noted that she did not make the Top Five.


You're not biased at all. That pic of Guimond is just SCARY. There is nothing scary about Christiane. It also sounds like Christiane is a gracious competitor who focused on the positive aspects of the show rather than the negative. I hope she is having her fill of her favorite foods.


Quite an undertaking to compete in a untested show. Good to see she wasn't discouraged and hats off for not even mentioning steroids as an excuse for the lower placing.

From her pics, it would be interesting to see if anybody could beat her in a tested show.


WTF is that thing??


Christiane is 100% natural. The closest to using illegal substabces she's been is trying an ephedrine/cafeine stack... but she stopped after 2 days because it made her feel sick.

Tested shows are actually pretty strong. The middleweight class is especially good, in that class the girl's upper body are about up to par to that of non-tested middleweights, but they lack leg hardness.


If I only saw her arms, I would think it was a pic of Lee Priest! No joking.

What a shame female bodybuilding has come to this. I can understand men wanting to take steroids to get bigger, because they still look like men; but women? If a female bodybuilder is going to end up looking like a male bodybuilder with boobs, what's the point?

Personally, what I like to see in a female bodybuilder is a woman's body, with muscle, and Christiane most certainly epitomizes this ideal. You would never confuse her with a man! :slight_smile:

I'm glad she enjoyed the experience, and it sounds like many people appreciated her efforts more than the judges did. With what you've learnt she'll do much better in the next competition, I'm sure.

And we'll all be cheering her on again :smiley:

PS: Looking forward to the competition pics!


Glad to hear you all took the positives and the whole experience in stride.. Why focus on the negatives. Build on the positives and the experience in General and go for it next time.

That is very weird about the weight classes. That would be like having a 200+ class for heavyweight males.

Anyhow. Still congrats on what you guys did accomplish and IMO she looked AWESOME!!!


Right! And besides the fact that Christiane is not nauseatingly masculine and big (in fact she looks great) she has a much more balanced physique. Was there as much of discrepency between the winner Colette's upper body and legs in terms of size and definition onstage as there seems to be in that picture?


That picture is relatively old. Her legs are 27" now. She full squatted 500lbs in training.