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Christiane Lamy's VIP


Christiane Lamy's name probably goes around more than even the overall winner of the Canadian National Bodybuilding show. She went for Zanesque shape and symmetry, and many people claim that the judges hadn't really caught up to the new IFBB "20% reduction in mass and cuts" yet.

Whatever the case, it makes pretty darn great photos. I just got a membership to her new VIP section, and Orange Photography has made a ******* great job at capturing Christiane's "essence".

Get yourself an access, you'll see what I mean.


Wait, so you paid money to see pictures of somebody else's girlfriend?


Don't be so loud or coach CT would hear it!

Geek boy


Thanks for the plug Simon, but I already mentionned this in an earlier thread ... don't think that you can steal my thunder like that :wink:


I prefer to see this as helping Christiane's with her own career in bodybuilding. As I mentionned in an earlier thread, this year cost her almost 12 000$ to prepare for the Canadian champs.



Do you mean I could've seen these photos for free...?

Man, gimme your secret.


Ok, so i don't know any of you guys, either Christian or Simon, or whatever.

I don't get a fitness VIP to give myself a shake, but to see the work she did on herself, so the boyfriend shouldn't give a heck, although i like to see those muscles throbe up and down on the bench :slight_smile:

There's a lot more to this than meets the eyes, but i wonder if what i have heard is true : Did this girl realy get to this body results without any R-rated stuff in her blood? I mean, i ear that she realy get this with pure muscle work? if this is true, maybe this is why she remained this sexy compared to other "trucks" on the muscle market.


Christian Thibaudeau ... I write for this site :wink:

Christiane is 100% natural. The closest thing to a banned product she ever used was an ECA stack, which she only used for like 1 week because it made her feel ill.


You obviously weren't there ate the CBBF National show, because you would've seen a WORLD of difference in the size, shape, skintone, facial features etc that Christiane displayed compared to the top placers.

Don't get me wrong: the top girls have worked extra hard to get where they are, and they don't need to be pointed at. My point is that some decide to use, some decide not to use. In this case, it just so happens that the ones to get the rewards are the ones who decided to use, although both "parties" have worked their butts off to even think of being on that stage that night.

And to quote CT, he's right: see this as helping Christiane's with her own career in bodybuilding.

Moral support is really of utmost importance in this sport, but no matter how you present it, I doubt Christiane (or any athlete) will be able to buy much grocery by telling the cashier:

"Hundreds of people told me 'Hey Christiane! Good Job!' so would you please let me walk out of this store with this dozen of eggs and 3 cartons of milk?"

Yeah, Christiane has a shape ou of this world, and she also needs to pay the bills. Next time you spend 10$ on a 6 pack of beer, try to think of that.


Hey I wasn't knocking her at all!! Don't look at it like that :wink: She looks good, hard work, better than most the dudes on this site, will she have my kids, I've never seen a girl in real life before yada yada.

But no, she certainly does look VERY good and I know the pain/cost of preparing for a competition.

I must also mention since I know he's reading, CT is also my favorite coach on the site. With all the free information the authors on this site give, I support a lot of them by buying their products. Like I've said in previous posts, I wish his black book of training was in paper form b/c I'd be all over that!


dcfball: relax buddy. I was really not replying to you, no offense taken at all (hence my witty remark about your "secret" to view the photos for free :wink:

I was replying to Telecino first, and then I tried to look like a badass trying to take CT's point and blowing it up bigger than it should've. So I guess I came across more like an ass instead of a bad ass. :wink: