Christiane Lamy (Ms Beast) New Website

Just to let you guys know that Christiane now has her own website (both in french and english). You can come visit at:

We will be updating the gallery section often as her preparation for the Canadian champs evolve.

That’s cool but where’s the Christian Thibaudeau site?


I particularly like CT’s facial expression on the front page pic. I think I hear something with that accent, … “um, yes, I am a bad man, and I would kick your @ss, but my girlfriend here will do that instead. hahaha.”


[quote]sam747 wrote:
That’s cool but where’s the Christian Thibaudeau site?[/quote]

You’re posting on it :slight_smile:

Seriously … with all my current affairs I wouldn’t have any time to devote to my own website and do not have the desire to have one right now.

i will refer mrs. pkradgreek to the site. i also like that other article on glutes, hams and back, because of the nice pictures and explanations. laters pk

Yeah! Would you mind mentioning this over in the T-Vixen area too!