Christian Tribaudeau-Mike Mahler Workshop Announcement!

I have exciting news for the t-nation. Christian Tribaudeau and I will be teaming up to do an incredible workshop on August 15th. The Location will be the Jungle Gym in Portland, Oregon. The title of the workshop is:

“Modern applications of old-time training methods for renewed strength and performance gains.”

Christian will be covering the following:

  1. The benefits of the Olympic lifts for the athlete, strongman and bodybuilder
  2. Teaching progression for the snatch
  3. Teaching progression for the clean
  4. Teaching progression for the jerk
  5. Building an Olympic lifting plan
  6. Fitting the Olympic lifts into a powerlifting program
  7. Fitting the Olympic lifts into a bodybuilding program

I will be going over:

  1. Proper technique of ballistic kettlebell exercises such as: jerks, snatches, swings, and

  2. Kettlebell presses: one arm presses, two kettlebell presses, seated presses, sot presses, seesaw presses. How to make the body super tight for increased strength and safety.

  3. Core exercises: Windmill, side press, bent press, Turkish Get-ups.

  4. Leg exercises: front squats, one-legged deadlifts, overhead squats.

  5. How to use kettlebell training to enhance your current program and assist you in achieving your training goals.

  6. In addition, I will cover some bodyweight drills such as: Handstand Pushups, one arm pushups, headstand leg raises, and one legged squats.

Our workshop will be eight hours long and will consist of four two-hour blocks.

For more information and to take advantage of pre-registration discounts, email me at

Thanks and looking forward to seeing you there

Mike Mahler, Senior RKC

mike-are you coming the the northeast any time soon?

Exciting stuff! Looks like I’ll be making another visit up to Portland.

Merrow, Ike, Pat & Ko - you guys oughta start charging rent for letting people bunk at your place, but not me of course :slight_smile:

Hey, we could have a beeg T-Man/Vixen slumber at our homestead! May be kinda crowded, but fun nevertheless!

All is welcome!

Looking forward to meeting both you and Christian. It will be a great workshop.

It will certainly be a great time and remember that I will be their in June to make sure that the Portland crew is ready for Christian.


Sign me up, Dogs. I’ll bring the chalk.

August, huh? Hmm…I’d love to be there once I know whether or not I’m goign to be in San Jose beyond July.

BTW – Pat & Ko have a very nice place with a lot of birdies. :slight_smile: Pat & Ko should charge rent, esp if Ko plans to cook. Yum yum. Ko’s cooking = divine. His cooking alone would be worth the money.

P.S. for those of you wanting to stay at a hotel…Portland is VERY affordable compared to other cities (I know cuz I travel too much), and some hotels I recommend are Heathcliff (where Ko works), Hilton Towers (a block away from Heathcliff – Hilton room can be had for as low as $99/night when I went there last time through Travelocity), Westin, Sheraton, and Marriott. Unfortunately, Portland does not have a W Hotel yet for those of you who like the W’s.

Stella! You mean “The Heathman”! :slight_smile:


And she’s right, Portland is VERY affordable. But the offer still stands at floor space. We do have a basement, so if you don’t mind sleeping in a rather creepy space…well, my art studio is there, too. Then, it’s yours for the night(s)!

Are you planning a workshop in the NYC area anytime soon. I wish I could go to Oregon… Rats


O how embarrassing! I meant HEATHMAN!!! I was keep thinking that Heathcliff didnt’ sound right, but I remembered how Ko’s hotel/restaurant sounds like the main character’s name from Bronte’s Wuthering Heights (and his name was Heathcliff…one of my favorite main characters of all time). X_X

So people get to see your studio, huh?


Coach Davies and I will be in NYC in May to do a workshop. email me for details.


People! The workshop will be on a Saturday, August 16 - not the 15th.

Yup, Stella: if people wanna check out my studio, they may!

If anyone plans to come to this and is traveling from outside of Oregon and would need a place to stay and does not want to spend $$ on a hotel room. Our place is available. Granted, bring a sleeping bag (maybe a pad) - but be sure to PM me or Ko! We’ll work out the details “offline”.

WE WANT IN!! Road trip!!

the bay area peeps will definitely represent for this one!!

Yo, Patricia I’ve been trying to PM youse guys all morning and T-world won’t let me :frowning:

jaytruly and I would love to crowd you and ko for a weekend!! are there going to be bids for this prime space?? i’m putting a request in early then…

so, so, so inspired by the new tire flippin’ pics!! you’re the flippin’ best thing that’s ever happened to me to give me inspiration to give it all in the artroom and in the weight room (tho I’m new to the weightroom thing)

jay and i were hoping/planning on taking a trip up the coast before august… hope to see you guys then, too.

are you coming down for WonderCon in April?

all the best.


We won’t be going to WonderCon - even though I’d love to. Some really good artists I know will be there this year.

I’ll definitely be at Comic-Con, San Diego this year. We’re planning for a one week stay in San Diego.

As for you and Jaytruly - we’ll mark ya both down! Very cool! Maybe we should plan for a barbecue? T-Man style, of course!

DAMNIT…why is everything in the NorthWest. Is there no love for central NY???..hahaha.

Tony G,

The Northwest has mobilized and has shown more interest than NY or anywhere else for that matter.

Mike Mahler

Not just interest.

Ravenous, frenzic interest!