Christian Thibaudeau's new book

What is the name of Christian Thibaudeau’s new book? Has it come out yet?

It’s available only as a pdf book. You can download it at

The name is: “Theory and Application of Modern Strength and Power Methods”

the book is awesome, definitely worth every penny and more. everyone at t-mag should pick it up. thanks ct for all the great advice.

I’ll second that,
Great Book CT. It better het a high score in “stuff we like”

oh yeah, soon as i get mine i’ll let u know…

Yes, but the big question is: when will it be out in paper format…


the paper back is due out in a couple of months with a few extra chapters if I remember what CT said over at charliefrancis.

As soon as you hit print…

Stu, I didn’t really say a couple of months. More like 6-8 months. It’s more of a long term project. Right now I have many more “pressing” issues.

CT Leave your girlfriend out of this!

6 to 8 months, slightly out with my memory there!

CT’s new book gives a great value for the $. Although I like, and still refer back to his previous book, the new ebook covers more advanced topics.

For those who want to wait for the paper copy, “Go ahead, you’ll be 6-8 months behind the rest of us in your training.”