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Christian Thibaudeau's Books?


Which of his books would you guys recommend, if one has to choose between the Black Book of Training Secrets and the Modern Strength & Power Methods book?

I'm an athlete who's main aim is to increase power and strength for better sporting performances, but aim seeking to benefit all facets of my fitness as well.

Currently, I'm leaning towards getting the Black Book of Training Secrets. What you guys reckon?

  • will eventually get around to purchasing the Modern book though, when I save up enough cash.


I'm going to ask a similar question:
I have Mel Siff Supertraining and Facts and Fallacies. Also, Bompa periodzation, Weightlifting encyclopedia, and Science and Practice of Strength Training. Looking to add another book to the home library, any suggestions? TIA


If you have the basics down then Modern trends is good. You can get sort of a sneak peak by looking through Thib's articles from his newsletters. Black book is excellent for most people. Modern trends is more advanced methods.


I can't comment each book since I don't have both. But here's my take on CT's book.

I consider myself to be an advanced beginner. It'll be a long while before I think I'm even an amatuer. CT's book has been great for me so far. Its fairly basic with general terminology though you may need to look a few words up. So far its been helpful to understand my individual body type and my goals for it. So for me, slow-twitch dominance with a focus on strength training would yield a certain type of program. That would be far and away different from someone look for the bodybuilder look. But hey, I just read the programs on here, I didnt know some would be more explosive for me than others. This book has helped with my short/long term goals.

Though this may not seem like a Black Book to some trainer/ees, it was for me. So far, its been one of the most helpful books I've bought this year.


Well, this is a shameless plugging of a thread I started, but here is a review of both books by me and other guys, plus some more books on training



The best information that I have read in the last 2 years has been on the web (elite fts, this site). The information that I have read in books recently has been no more indepth than many articles that I have read.