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Christian Thibaudeau Program


This is a sample program from CT's "Different Destinations, Different Journey's". This is a program 2 exercises/week. 6 times a week. For motor learning. Here are some of the guidelines.

My question here is, how would i set up the set/rep range for each of the exercises, for the 6 days?

My main goal is pretty much strength, perhaps incorporating some strength-speed, but mostly to get strong right now. Thanks


5-25 total reps/exercise/session (low volume)

Rest Periods Between Sets:

3-5 minutes

Frequency of Training (per muscle group):

2-6 times per week (high)

Intensity of Training:


45-65% (explosive reps)

10-25% (ballistic reps)

Type of Contractions:

Maximal force (F = ma)

Heavy loads/slow reps

Moderate loads/high speed

Light loads/projection


Day 1

Bench press

Barbell rowing

Day 2

Front squat

Romanian deadlift

Day 3

Incline bench press

Seated cable rowing

Day 4

Back squat

Good morning

Day 5

Bench press


Day 6

Regular deadlift

Power clean from blocks