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Christian Thibaudeau - Opinion on Evo Sport

Christian, I have read your latest T-Mag articles, as well as your posting regarding Adam Archuletta’s training. My question is: What do you think of Evo-Sport’s methods, and do you think that it is the way to go for power production and speed in the powerlifts? One thing is for sure, I am definitely working toward explosive Glute-Ham raises… Thanks.

Evo fitness, or Jay Schroeder’s system (Archuletta’s trainer) offers a great sport-specific program. Obviously it has produced some good strength gains in many athletes. However I’m not ready to bill it as a great powerlifting program. I do include a lot of the same techniques as Jay in my own programs, and I do believe that some of his techniques may be useful for a powerlifter.

Christian, Thanks for the response, I’ll definitely be looking for your upcoming article covering plyometric bench workouts.

Thanks again, and keep your articles coming!