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Christian Thibaudeau: A question about your form


I have a question concerning your ‘Snatch grip deadlift’ form in your Power Look article. More specifically, the angle of your back for the starting position. Your back is quite horizontal [kinda like a Romanian Deadlift]. Actually its the same way that I perform the lift, but I’m always told that I should keep my back as Vertical as possible [‘traditional deadlift’ for lack of better comparison].

Which is the correct back position?

Thank you

I also wanted to ask you which starting position was correct for Cleans and Snatches!

Thanks again!

The form I’m using on the snatch deadlift is in accordance to the technique of olympic lifting, which is different than powerlifting.

In a powerlifting deadlift the shoulders must be behind the bar and thus the trunk is much more upright. However in olympic lifting we try to keep the shoulders above the bar for as long as possible, so accordingly the trunk position is more flat. On a side note my own position is a median, there are olympic lifters who start with the back almost parallel to the floor while others are rather upright. It depends on the length of your arms and torso really. I have short arms and a long torso.

Thanks :slight_smile: