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This post is intended to allow Christians to discuss and exchange ideas and views on Christianity. God bless.

Curious as to what you guys think about Word Of Faith? I believe in giving a positive confession and speaking the word of faith as I have seen it work. However I don’t go with Copeland’s or Hagin’s “little gods” idea. Where do most of you guys fall. Conservative, charismatic or word of faith? I myself am a mix of charismatic and WOF. I attend vineyard christian fellowship

Okay, I’ll start something here. I’ve had a few ideas kicking around that tend to go contrary to many fundamentalist christians. Here they are:

(1) Evolution – Isn’t it possible that evolution is nothing more than guided creation? The Bible says that the heavens and earth were created in 6 days. And it also states that, to God, a day is as 1000 years, and 1000 years is as a day. So the supposed millions of years of evolution could be the same 6 days that God created the earth as we know it.

(2) Pagan religion – Okay, we know that the Holy Spirit appeared in the form of a dove at Christ’s baptism, and as a burning bush to Moses in the desert. That’s two very unrelated forms. Could He not also appear in other forms? This is a bit of a leap, but it’s entirely understandale that man would choose to worship the form, rather than the power behind the form. I can just see God hitting His forehead, saying “No, that’s NOT what I meant!”

(3) Angels with wings – This is one that’s usually not a big topic, but since I see it in all of the classic christion art works, it just bugs me. Why are angels always depicted as having wings? Here’s my take on it. Relatively primitive man sees a human form that is not constrained to the laws of gravity (as the spirit does not have mass, since the body remains), and has to fit that into something he understands. At the time, what are the only creatures that can fly? Birds. What do birds have that allow this? Wings. Therefore the angels must have wings that we just didn’t see.

Any ideas on these?

Well, I don’t usually join religious discussions because they usually just run in circles. Every one wants to prove their point, not learn from someone else. Still, I’m here. I am a Christian (sometimes radical, and sometimes not) and I’m ready to learn from anyone who can teach me. BTW - I may be a bit of a devil’s advocate because I’m going through a several month long argument with God. Not going to give any details, just to point out that if I seem jaded, I am a bit. But - I still know the truth.

This ought to be enlightening :slight_smile: I’ll begin by telling everyone I was raised fundamentalist baptist, then attended a southern baptist church - but hey by then I had long hair :slight_smile: and they were cool about that and I ran the sound system and taught a sunday school class. The church is now non-denominational and tends to lean towards the Copeland, Hagin type of teaching occasionally. While i disagree with that I know they are all sincere and love Jesus and are seeking God’s will. They are just a little confused :wink:

I did tend to disturb some people there by reading a book written by an atheist arguing against the existence of God. Well I figure you should know why u believe. Sure my beliefs and faith were a bit shaken by the arguments in that book but I survived and know better now that I have good reasons to believe and not just blind faith.

My religious beliefs have actually been most deeply shaped by reading c.s. lewis - at least when it comes to doctrine and theology. I cant think of anything he has written that hasnt touched me in some way.

Ironbabe - Im going thru a jaded, questioning period as well. Things seem to be getting better though and I have learned about some of my weaknesses thru these trying times. I also have a best friend that I grew up with and attended the same schools and churches with and that has helped keep me from going to nuts. Dont give up and keep praying.

God Bless,


Can we please keep this to bodybuilding?!
You can go to a church website or your local church group for this. (Or dare I say even a regular chat room.)

I like this forum but it is posts like this (and others that I have participated in) that make the other hardcore board members stay away. And that is not good-there are some smart guys on the net…

As a christian, I’ve been struggling with the thought that if God is so good, why doesn’t he stop evil? Everyday so many bad things happen it really is depressing.
The way I view it, is that God, as a personal being, would desire to create us in such a way that He could have a meaningful, personal, and loving relationship with us.
I cannot experience love from you unless you have the capacity to do otherwise. You cannot have a love relationship with a computer. It is pre-programmed to serve you. Love requires choice.
When God created mankind, He too had a choice. If He created us as beings that were pre-programmed to follow and serve Him there could be no love. But, if He created us with the capacity of choice, the capacity to love and serve Him, and the capacity not to do so, then there is the possibility of relationship: the possibility of real love. But where there is choice and the capability of love, there is also the capability to choose wrong and to do great evil.

I especially enjoy leviticus and deuteronomy where it is a sin to eat shellfish, have clothing consisting of more than one fabric, to eat fruit from a tree that has not aged, to plant more than one type of crop, and have sex when a woman is menstruating. Lets not forget that “god” also tells us that if our son does not obey us or respect us that he may be taken to the town borders and stoned to death. And don’t forget to choose a king to lord over you either. I do believe in a much higher power than myself just as people have for millenia, but THE BIBLE?? come on now.

JW - Why don’t you just skip the topics that don’t interest you? Like some people are not interested in ‘Steroids and Other Drugs’?

Ironbabe - I can relate to being mad at God. A terrible tragedy hit my home about 10 years ago and I was livid. I didn’t go to counseling because I would have chewed up anyone who attempted to help me. I went straight to God and asked Him what the fuck He thought He was doing with my life. I couldn’t have cared less if He struck me down with a lightning bolt. What I got was a new job that I wasn’t looking for (doubled my already good salary), one that required my full attention and got me into a new group of people that didn’t know what happened, so I wouldn’t be surrounded with that awful pity. Then, one day, I noticed I had the “Peace that passes understanding”. I felt healed, months or maybe years before someone in my position ‘should have been’. And 20 times stonger. I have no clue what your best path is, but if it makes you feel deeply better, stronger, and happier about yourself, God and others…then it can’t be wrong.

James Moony - It might be helpful to read the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John). They are about Christ’s New Laws that replace the Old Laws. I agree-Some of that Old Testament stuff is pretty awful. I don’t know why anyone would use it, except for comparison to the New Laws. Exceptions being the 10 commandments, Isaih’s prophecies about the future life of Jesus, Psalms, and Song of Solomon, etc. Was that guy in love or what? I’m not really a Bible buff…I’m liking some of the New Thought works. Troward, E.C. Hopkins, Butterworth, Holmes

I have tried to make a point with this post. I believe that this forum has turned into anything but a weight training forum lately. We see posts about sexual conquests, christianity hating, politics, etc. JW why is my post inappropriate as compared to het’s? Anyways, let’s get back to lifting talk.

fair enough…

I’m away a week and “Everything Else” has become “Everything But”. C’mon people.

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