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Christian Simulates Sex in Front of Child


Aha, psyche, had you atheists all excited


What's the point in posting this? I don't even know!



If you feel like discussing it, all the power to you.

The pysche part is related to constant anti-gay threads that post up in this section. Some people on this forum really hate gays


And I'm simply trying to highlight the irrationality spawned from the kind of anti-christian hate we see on the forum. That's all.


This story is confusing. It said she imitated a sex act in front of a 10 year old, but in reality she just made noises inside her house. It's not legal to have sex (or pretend to have sex) in your own house with the window open? I fail to see how this is punishable.

On another note, this woman sounds deranged (based on her pretending to be a lawyer, complaining about a group prayer), like the pastors in the previous thread.


You can't have sex in your own house in view of the public, no. I'm guessing it applies to sound too. I'd guess that loud enough to for neighbors to hear is too loud. Probably also depends on the sounds. Is it just noises, or was she interjecting colorful language?


Oh crap. Where is the law?


She was arrested for making sex sounds? WTF?

That's one ugly-ass atheist. Thank God I am Christian, we have better pickin's...


How does her atheism come into play in terms of her actions?

It doesn't which makes this just another "pick a random fool out of a group and criticize the group for that person's actions" thread.



So I looked up the law on this because...ahem... I was...concerned about my neighbors (okay it was me). I don't think she can be prosecuted based on noises, but did learn that I've been committing a felony every morning. Turns out this thread was useful.


You think?