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Christian Powerlifts on Keto and Stronglifts

What’s up T Nation! Long time creeper here… been loving these forums and enjoy learning from all you veterans! Today marks the beginning of my dive back into powerlifting via Stronglifts and a Keto diet. Yes, I’m aware of Ketogains but I prefer the Stronglifts routine for now. Not bashing Ketogains or anything, I just prefer to hit the split that Stronglfits provide for now.

A little about myself: I’m a 36-year-old husband and father to one beautiful and super smart little girl, and proud owner of a bulldog. I am untrained at the moment, haven’t trained since she was born back in April of 2016. I used to train hard in college, but everything kind of dropped off in 2008 … that’s when I started the office-junkie routine of training consistently for a week here or there, then took a few weeks off, then repeated the cycle again lol! I have also struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for the past two decades, and I’m currently _______ days sober. I was also recently diagnosed as a Type 2 Diabetic and my doc wants me to start taking Metformin. I declined her offer and begged for a few more months to see if I can reverse this with diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. For reference, my H1AC was 6.5 and my Glucose was 122. I was also told I have crappy Cholesterol with a LDL of 137 and HDL of 33.

I was put on TRT in May and my current regimen looks like this: 180mg Test Cyp per week; 300IU HCG twice per week. And I will most likely be adding in some Dermacrine in the next couple of weeks following an upcoming blood test.

I weigh 223 lbs, I’m 5 foot 11, and I’m probably around 20% body fat. My 1RM are 275 for bench, 225 for squat and 285 for deadlift. My goal is to follow Stronglifts until I can hit Squats 5x5, and then I will revaluate and determine if I want to continue on the program or go with something else. As to following Keto, I will stick with this diet indefinitely until my next appointment with my GP at the end of February.

My macros will be the following:

And my supplements for now will be Controlled Labs Orange Triad (6 tabs per day) and Orange Omega (4 tabs per day) and lots of coffee lol! I might add in other things like creatine on down the road, but I wasn’t to focus on my training and diet first to see how I progress.

I will post some progress pics here tomorrow night as I need my wife to help with the shots.


Welcome christian!