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Christian, Help with OVT

I read your article on OVT and I love your plan, by the way congrads on your amazing transformation! You have really inspired me. Anyway back to my question. I was wondering if it would be okay to do Chest and Triceps instead of Chest and Back on Day 1 and then change the Bicep and Triceps to Back and Biceps on Day 4? Hope that made sense! Or if you would recommend sticking with the provided example. I would also keep the excersizes the same. One more quick question for you, I am preparing to do a Mag 10 cycle this summer after I finish cutting up and was wondering if OVT would be better to use than the Mag 10 Plan for Success/ The Growth Surge. P.S. I plan on taking the double dose of Mag 10! Thanks, your help is greatly appreciated.

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Try posting this on CT’s forum. Lair of the Ice Dog, he is flat out with that and normally only replies to questions on that.