Christian Bodybuilding Pendulum

Tried doing the shoulder routine for Structure 1. I found my shoulders could not handle the 6 supsets of military press, dumbell press and lateral raises.

I actually used 10lbs dumbells for press and 5lbs for laterals (never done that), 65lbs for military press. Also, why 20 reps for lateral raises, 12 reps for dumbell press?

Anyone have an idea for shoulders or examples of what they do? My shoulders were in such pain I could hardly move them. I think they were still recovering from the Chest/Back day. I enjoyed the rest of the structure 1 though.


I’m unfamiliar with Christian Bodybuilding Pendulum but have had major shoulder issues. I couldn’t use more than 10lbs dumbbells either. I spend my first 3 months doing rotator cuff exercises for a half hour on my off days (with 3lbs pink weights). During that time, I kept my bench press slightly inclined.

That really helped. Now, as long as I don’t train shoulders until midway into my workout and really stretch them, I have no problems using non-pink weights.