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Christian Bale in 7 Months


The Machinist...2004


Batman Begins...2005


I know this has been discussed ad nauseum, but I just saw The Machinist last night. I am in awe at what this guy did to himself. He must have lost 50-60 lbs, and then gained 70 lbs of muscle. It's just incredible that an actor would have that level of commitment to his work. I'm impressed.


They said he ate an apple and smoked a cigarette a day to lose the weight. I am amazed his acting was decent in that physical state. The fact that they pulled off showing him before and after the weight loss with no prosthetics to enhance the change is just that much more impressive. I didn't really think he was that good of an actor until I saw that movie.


...and roger.
I put up the same message a few months back, as I am sure others did before me. It deserves repeating for sure. It is truly amazing what this guy put himself through. He looked pretty fit in American Psycho as well.


WHAT!?!?! You obviously didnt see Empire Of The Sun! and he was BANANAS in American Psycho!


Woah I have not seen the machinist but had heard he had a great transformation, but have never seen a picture. That is dedication.

Good on him.

I think he's a convincing actor. Liked his performance in all his work that I've seen.


He was incredible-looking in Psycho (even though the movie sucked.)

What impresses me about Bale is the sheer willpower and work ethic he has to go from one body extreme to another.

Also, the physiques of the characters aren't just "muscular" or "skinny". For American Psycho, he wa muscular, but far leaner and more cut than in Batman, which makes sense for the character: Bateman would be all about presentation, while Batman wouldn't care about seeing his abs.


Plus, I'll say this about Christian Bale: handsome man.

My brother is in show biz, so we got to see an early screening of Batman Begins where Bale intoduced the film and said a few words.

I say this (as Costanze would say) with an unblemished record of staunch heterosexuality: sweet Christmas, is that man attractive.


Ditto. Here's the best picture I could find. Even though American Psycho was in 2000, Bale is obviously dedicated to adapting, physically, to whatever his role requires.


I did like Equilibrium.


And a great actor.

Range and physical prowess. rare indeed and may he continue to be successful.


Equilibrium was a great movie. I also saw the Machinist for the first time this weekend and was amazed at how close to death he looked.


American Psycho is an awesome movie and he did a terrific job in it. I have no comment on his physique though...Body changes can be done fairly easily when you have no day job like most of us and trainers, dieticians, etc making sure the change will happen. I have to admit the physique is good, but not impressive, unbelievable change made or anything.


Seriously. Skinny guys should hang pictures of him everywhere in their house when they're bulking. He made me hungry just looking at him. Nothing some banana Grow! pudding couldn't cure though.


I didn't like American Psycho much at all. I did like Equilibrium and had they had more money for set design and special effects, I am sure it would have been even better.


I think American Psycho is one of those films that people either "get", or they don't. I think it works best when taken as a type of black comedy. The random obsession with music ("Do you like Phil Collins"), the pure absurdity of chasing a girl down an apartment hallway wearing sneakers and wielding a chainsaw, it's almost too "over the top" (another good film, but Bale wasn't in it, so we needn't discuss it here).

I saw the movie first, and I've been trying to whittle away at the book for a while. Supposedly, the book is far more graphic in its violence. I think it may be similar to Fight Club in that respect. If you read the book first, you have different expectations of the movie, for better or worse.


The book is far, far better than the movie.

The problem with the movie is they took the violence out of my violence movie.


i think he also ate 1 can of tuna along with the apple


The film was quite tame compared to the book. Even some of the humour was a bit lacking, but still enjoyable.