Chris's Velocity Log

Been working out 5 Days a week starting back in January. My main goal at this point is keeping the muscle I have, yet losing plenty of fat. I want to hit 200 lbs by July.

I always eat fairly healthy. Chicken beef, veggies and greens. Consistantly on low carb, probably 90% of the time over the past few years, even though I was not working out, eating clean was something I stuck too most of the time. Breads, pasta, sugar etc. was not something I consumed often unless I “cheated”.

My weight got as low as 220 on low carb, but over time with minor cheats, lack of training and a desk job, my weight climbed up to 260.

Currently in the 250’s, and started to v-diet in hopes to get back down to 200 by july.

Day Four
No Lifting today, just 50 mins of lower intensity cardio on eliptical. Shoulder has had some pain this week so decided to hold off until next week with heavy lifting to give it time to feel better ( did legs on Monday with chest ). Don’t want to make matters worse.

So far so good. Started V-Diet on Monday. Tuesday was the hardest day so far. Yesterday was not an issue. No cheats, and really no desire to cheat for the most part.

My girlfriend is on the V-diet as well and logging her progress in the Vixen section. Its very nice that we both are doing this together, sure makes sticking to it easier.

Right now on non workout days I am eating 1600 Cals, and on workout days 1900. Non workout days consist of cardio only.

Weigh in is monday ( one full week ), and will post results each monday.

Day Four - P.M
So far today has gone really well, wasn’t going to post again, but started to have severe cravings for SALT. Right now, still at the office, I keep thinking of eating a pickle, or some heavily salted chicken soup! I have NEVER had a sweet craving that comes close to this salt desire. Very ODD!

Once I get out of the office, I will finish the night off with a protein shake and hit the sack. I might need to take a sip of some salty hot sauce.

Day 5
Going well so far today. Last Night i was dying for salt as mentioned, so I drank 1 can of chicken BROTH ( 10 Cals, no fat, no protein, 960 grams of sodium ). I felt like shit this morning. Probably from the sodium overload.

I no longer have a sodium craving, so far, so good.
Calories are 1600 today. So far, 2 protein shakes. Tomorrow I have my first solid meal, and I am looking forward to veggies like you won’t believe. I will eat red meat and veggies.

Weigh in is Monday, should be interesting.