ChrisCross, Competitive Offseason and Onseason Log

Today i wanna post my Meal Plan for Training Days

40 ml Apple Vinigar
50 ml Ingwer Shot
1 Tsp psyllium husks
2 Caps Multi Vitamin
2 Caps Cholset Aid
4 Caps Kidney Flush
2 Caps Fish Oil
1 Cap Super Enzyme
1 Cap Betaine Hcl
1 Cap Vitamin B6

250 g Chicken
80 g Rice
200 g Aspargus
20 g Peanut Butter

50 g Protein Bar

160 g Rice
250 Chicken
200 g Tomatoes
400 g Protein Pudding (same as Skyr)
2 Caps Fish oil

150 g Rice
200 g Mushrooms
250 g Chicken
125 g raspberries

Intra Workout
40 g Cluster Dextrine
20 g Eaas
5 g Creatin

Post Workout
40 g Whey
50 g Rice Cakes

300 g Salamon
150 g Rice
200 g Tomatoes

600 g Protein Pudding
60 g Rice
10 g Glutamin

Thats all

5230 Kcal
461 g Protein
615 Carbs
90 g Fat


What’s protein pudding?

Thats Like a normal Pudding, Low fat Low Carb, High Protein Download

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New Update.

Offseason is going very well.

Im at 242 Pounds at 5,10.


Not going to give us your cycle info, huh?


Getting Some Improvements Done


Looking solid! Any specific areas of improvement you’re focusing on?


I have to improve my lats and chest. Need some Size, to challange better Oponents.

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Looks good from here.


Seriously asking… When you’re THAT big, doesn’t it take like a year just to eek out like half a pound of LBM?

Sure, its not easy to gain some additional LBM.
Im glad if i put on 2-3 pounds LBM a year.

Getting in competition shape is easy for me.

In the offseason, eating that much calories, is the real challange.

Sorry I am late but man you cracked me up here. Thank you for that. Was almost like reading the old MM2K lines.


Thank you for the well thought out meal plan. Any other supplements or is potentially disclosing those just a no-go given the online visibility of this thread?

Respectfully, you mention “Get Huge or Die Tryin” in the title so this angle stimulated my curiosity. If specifics are too much could you just provide say general range like (1) < 500 mg/week total / (2) 500-1000 mg/week total / (3) > 1000 mg/week total ?

Winter is Coming.

5 Weeks Out, currently 97 KG (214 pounds)


Update, think Legs will be improved to my last competition. But the biggest Problem for me, is getting them dry af. Stay Tuned, will post another Updates soon


Try sleeping with your bed at a 15 to 20 Degree Incline so your feet are elevated, helps dry out the legs. Learned that one from Dr. Scott Stevenson.

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Okay i give it a try, thank u man

IT works very Well for me, thanx for the advise

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Double Back, would be one of my best Poses


That’s an impressive Christmas tree 4 weeks out from a comp!

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