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ChrisCross, Competitive Offseason and Onseason Log

Hi everyone,
im Chris and wanna Show u, what I do to build more muscle up in the offseason.

Currently im in a reverse diet, last competition was 3 weeks away.

My stats are 101 KG at 176 cm.

Today i train my Chest.

4 Sets of mashine bensh press 8-10
4 Sets of dumbell flys 10-12
4 Sets of Incline mashine 10-12
4 Sets of cable Cross 10-12

45 min and thats it.

Getting a massive pump.


Looking great buddy.
When you do 4 sets of an exercise, have you previously done a couple of lighter warm up sets? Or do you start the first set and pyramid weight up until the fourth set.

Still looking dry and grainy, you must have done pretty good at your contest, how did you place?

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Good body, that need discipline

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Hell yea! Definitely be following along!!

Are you taking all sets to failure?

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Your triceps, especially your right arm, look huge in that first pic. Glad you’ve started a log, I’ll be following.

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@ Beyond

Yeahh i do 2-4 Warm up Sets at the beginning.
1st Set is the et where i find the right weight
2nd Set is the Main Set
3rd Set Backup Set
4rd Set is where i lower the weight, and focus on controll the flex

I did 2 shows regional and national.
Im glad that i won both, inclusive the Overall

2nd to 4th Set is going to failure

Thank u, i think my triceps genetics are a little bit gifted.
in 2018 and 2019 i didnt Train Arms especialy, because they were at some point to dominant


First of all, let me say you look incredible. If you weigh 222 pounds at the level of bodyfat, you are freaking huge.

Obviously, you work very hard and, your diet is spot on but I would love to know what gear you take throughout the year to help you achieve your goals.

I know this is the BB forum. Maybe you could post your cycles in the Pharma section.


OP looks natty. He is at the point where he is getting close to his natural potential, and could consider starting gear to get to that next level.



lol, @mnben87 had me going for a second!

Regardless, Looking great there Chris! What show did you just do? How’d things turn out?



I did NABBA German Nationals 1st Place (Overall)
NAC south German 1st Place (Overall)

Today i had my Leg Workout

Starting Leg Press

Every Set i raise the weight.
The last two sets i Cluster it.

Then front Squads
3x10-12 Reps

3rd Excercise was Leg Extension

  1. warm up Set
    2 Sets of Hit Style
    15 Reps, 15 sec pause, 5 reps exentric 5 Sec, 15 sec pause, 5 reps concentric 5 Sec, 15 pause, 45 sec static holding.

4th Excercise Overhead leg Press
3 sets, 20 reps cluster Set

5th Excercise Leg Extension
4 Sets 20 reps for the Pump.

After this Masacer i cant stand, walk, or even drive my car enymore.

Now its time to recover


Jesus Christ… holy shiiiiiiiittttttttt

Wow… wooooaaaahhhhhhhh

You’re a pro BB right?

@brickhead check this guy out!

He’s amazing!

Awsome. Quite a run there, congrats. Now Onward n Upward!


That’s a brutal looking leg workout! Great motivation reading this this morning. Please carry on posting more workouts.

No, im just an average Bodybuilder with small Joints.
Maybee i will do a NPC quialifier, but this depends on, what i can gain in the next Offseason

I really like to push my body to the limits, i think build big legs, is a mental thing.
U have to suffer a lot, no excuses no regrets, train hard as possible.

Tomorrow i will post my Back Workout, stay tuned…


Yesterday i trained my Back.

Vertikal Row with mac grips 4x10-12

Barbell Row 4 x 8-12

Vertical Traction Machine 4x 10-12

Sitting Cable Row 4 10-15

Alternate Pulldowns 4 10-15

Thats all in under 50 min.

Training has to be like quick, hard and dirty.

One of my favorite Pose at my Comp


What are your rest periods like if you don’t mind me asking? That’s a lot of work today through in 50 minutes.

Loving the updates though, thank you.


Usually my rest periods are as long as my trainingspartner gets his Set. Think in between 45-60 sec.

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Hey Chris, How frequently do you train, what is your body part split?

I got a 6 Day Oldschool Split.

Mon Chest
Thue Back
Wed Quads
Thur Free
Fri Shoulders
Saut Arms
Sun Adduktors and Hamstrings