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Chris suggs- Nursing question

Hey man I have a question. I was wondering where is the money in nursing. What should I specialize in if I want to make a career change into nursing? What should I look for in a school etc? any suggestions welcome. I am just looking into it after being an RNA in 89. Lot has changed. I will go back to college and get my degree but what should I look into?

Instead, check into becoming a pharmacist. They are now starting at about 80K a year out of school.

Thanks for the advice I just may. Isn’t that a ton of math though?

Well, nurses are in short supply, and you will have about as much overtime as you’d like. $$ isn’t too bad, if you can handle the politics and patients. Pediatric nursing is probably the best, as they don’t talk back as much. Pharmacists deal with more political BS than almost any other profession, and the insurance industry is killing it.

I know there’s lots of action in nursing. From what I’ve heard, you’ll naver need a girlfriend. I’ve heard of guys getting a different girl on each shift.

I’m in my 3rd year of pharmacy school, and thats the way I’d go if I were you and money were a concern. My friend just accepted a position right out of school last year with a very large retail chain; 97 k to start plus sign on bonus of 10k. No, there isn’t a lot of math in pharmacy. I’m in my third year, and the only math we’ve had is a little in kinetics, calculating clearences, but its all very simple algebra,8th grade stuff.

Were are you going to school? What kind of program is it? Graduate or Undergraduate? How many hours are required to graduate? That’s a lot of money right out of school. Of course I teach, so everyone makes more than me.

Check Poman’s answer. I spend several years as a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry, doing mostly market analysis. This is an area that is going to keep going for years. If I were you I focus and take course summer, fall, winter and spring, getting the best grades possible and jump on this gravy boat as soon as possible. If you would like a little more action, see what the military is offering, last time I checked they where offering a direct comission, annual bonus and 30 days a year vacations, plus all the other vetran benefits. They also pay for advance schooling.

My mom is a nurse, when my dad got layed off, she looked into a second job. Two 12 hour shifts, one Saturday, one Sunday. FULL TIME pay and benefits. That’s 24 hours of work a week for $30 k. If you call in you lose two weeks pay (they’re not fooling around here) but you can’t beat the money for the time. Nurses are in short supply, so you are pretty much guarenteed a job. The pay is not all that great though.


I am at Mercer University in Atlanta. The progam is a 4 year program leading to a Pharm.D. ( doctor of pharmacy) degree. You can get accepted with a 2 year degree, which would make it 6 years total, although about half my class including me had their BS beforehand.
You’ll need to check with individual schools regarding class prereqs, but they all require 2 semesters of biology, gen chem, organic chem, and one semester of calc, along with I beleive one semester of physics and maybe one of anatomy. I don’t know because I graduated with my biology/pre med degree and had to have 2 semesters of EVERYTHING for that, so I was a bit over-qualified. This is a fantastic field. The money is going through the roof, and there is no end in sight. The pharmacist shortage will be around for many years according to BLS stats, and graduates are basically naming their price. In addition, it is a great field if you are interested in bodybuilding. You really come to understand alot physiologically that will help you in the gym and making sense of supplementation ( Mag-10, etc.)
Old lifter is right about the military- the Navy is offering an outstanding program for us, including complete reimbursement of tuition, a commision, 30 paid vac days, choice of assignments, and 1500 a month stipend for your last 2 years of school. All for a 3 year commitment after school. Check it out if your smart!

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Thanks for all your helpful advice. I appreciate it.