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Does anyone else think that he has a weird bulge on his left arm where his bicep is supposed to be?


Shit, I wish I had it.


Why? Shit dude, you have a better physique than Shugart does.

And yea, that bicep looks weird. Funny how when Shugart finally posts a picture after years of people requesting him to do so, it's a perfectly lit, photoshopped image.

I find that interesting.....


Think he said M and F did he pictures for him


He looks lean. But then again, would he actually post picture of himself if he looked like he did when I have seen him?

But really, who cares? He'll get a few more sycophants for his liquid diet and sell a few more books.

I hate to see the hard earned money I spend on Biotest going to support him.


He partially tore his biceps, at least that's what I remember. When we were together in Colorado he had an MRI for it, he was barelly able to use his biceps at that point.


Agreed. He's really become one serious douchebag in the last few years. I used to like his writing quite a bit, but now he's just a shill for that V-Diet, repeating the same fucking information ad naseum.....

His boss should clue him in to the fact that you don't shit on your clientele, and you maintain professionalism no matter what.



my first thought was "and where are his ripped abz, the ladykillers"? Oh, hidden behind that huge 25 lbs plate!


As Thib said, he tore his biceps a few months ago. He's written about it in his Hammer.

He was asked to be in some professional photos to advertise a local Gold's Gym. He mentioned it in a recent thread, but I can't recall which one (might've been in his 8 Ah-ha moments, maybe.)

I think it would be "interesting" if the guys giving Shugart grief were to approach the owners of their local gym and ask to be featured in a photo shoot advertisement. Then y'all could post the pictures here, with the same amount of pro lighting, Photoshop touch-ups, and all. Any takers?

It's probably the same reason Thibaudeau has that particular photo as his avatar, or me with mine. It's showing ourselves either in our best shape, so far, or "doing what we do best."

What if we had a standing rule, a sort of gentleman's agreement, that avatars should only be of the member themselves. As of February 1 (yes 2009), let's agree to change our avatars to either showcase our best physique, our current physique, or a "snapshot" of what we do everyday.

Would everyone posting about Shugart's avatar, positively or negatively, be up for a bit of the old "put up or shut up."

A few people, apparently.


Seeing as how Shugart has been here since the beginning and 10 years later decides to post a pic of himself, long after many of us have already posted pics - I'd say why? What's the point?

Shugart is the one who is late to the party. He's the one with the liquid diet, and making money from it. He's the one who has pussy footed around for 10 years, or however long, and is only now posting his photo.

I've paid enough money to this place that I have more than "put up" enough so that I don't have to shut up.

Why is it any of your fucking business?


Haha, thats a good one. I dont think it would work tho-some people are very fond of their avatars. However i would appreciate that people would have pics of themselves in their profiles if not as their avatar. Especially in the case of the OP, i have no problem with you expreesing your opinion about Shugarts bicep, but if you gonna gossip, have a pic of yourself aswel, cause if your not in as good as shape as him and your talking trash, you'd look like a bit of a loser.


Gawd, I think I've put up more than most at this point.

I am not going to insult the man based on a picture. I have enough ammo with what he actually writes.

However, I have been trying to get people to put pictures up for years now because it will set the stage for who actually knows what they are talking about. If some newbie with 12" arms is telling other newbs to avoid training biceps, a picture just might put an end to that.


Agree completely. If you talk shit about how someone else looks, your pic had better be somewhere for a comparison.


I don't see what all the fuss is about. The man expressed his opinion so maybe he does come off as a bit of douche bag, but if he makes money from the V-Diet and its providing enough to keep a roof over his head, i say more power to him.


Maybe so, but, at face value this discussion is about avatars and the people they represent.

With all due respect, I've never seen a picture of you, so I have no idea if the money you've spent on Biotest products has brought you any closer to your size/strength/leanness goals. Has it?

If it has, awesome. That's how it's supposed to be. If it hasn't, then you've wasted time and money, and people reading your posts deserve to know you didn't pull it together.

Swapping your avatar to a current shot of you, or even one from a while back if it's more representative of your physique, would speak louder than even your words could, for better or worse.

I'm chipping in my two cents, that's all. Silly me, I suggested something that might make everyone more accountable for their statements by proving they actually "walk the walk" instead of just being angry Internet tough guys. What in the world was I thinking?


He looks fine, give the guy a break. I think everyone needs to layoff and just focus on themselves and their training goals.

Just my 2 cents.