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Chris Shugart


"If you started Phase I of this arm specialization program a few weeks ago, then we commend you for having enough sack to try something new and challenging. If you haven't started it yet, then you either A) have big 19-inch guns already, B) are already using one of Ian's killer 12-week programs for another muscle group or C) you're afraid you'll overtrain 'cause you've started that intense "Sweatin' to the Oldies IV" program. If your answer is "C" then you are hereby ejected from the Testosterone brotherhood and must turn in your T-shirt and secret decoder ring immediately."

Chris where do I go to get my secret decoder ring? Please please inform me!


First Rule about Testosterone-



Second rule about Testosterone-



If you could just purchase one, it wouldn't be very secret then, would it?

Actually, I sell them. They are $5,000 each. Cash on delivery. Anybody interested?


I sell them for only $4000. Cash in advance.


Cool story. When the Fight Club movie came out, the official website contained a "store." For example, if you really liked Tyler Durden's T-shirt in the movie, you could buy one... or so you were lead to believe.

See, the movie and the book have a message of anti-materialism. "You are not the contents of your wallet." etc. So when you clicked on the shirt to buy it, you got a Tyler Durden-esque message about materialism. "You are not Brad Pitt's T-shirt" or something like that.

Very cool. Related to this thread? I can't recall. I haven't had my coffee yet.


I am Nate's abdula oblongata.



I am Keith's overly active inner dorsal vein.


I am Nate's spell-checked correction of Nate's medulla oblongata.

Just kiddin' with you, man.


Then shouldn't your screen-name be "Nate Medulla Oblongata"?


LOL! Dammit man! I rarely ever have a misspelling!

Yes. I'm going to need to come up with various alternative screen names for all of Nate's stuff.

I am Nate's right nut.


Technically, yes...

But, I'm too lazy to change it.

You got me.



Two Nate's doesn't make a right!

Ooops...wrong movie. Doesn't work with that name either (Roger - Gone in 60 seconds).