Chris Shugart

“Mariah Carey makes a harrowing escape from her publicist.” Good one. Now if spotting this in the latest Maxim doesn’t deserve a free t-shirt, I don’t know what does.
Holler back.

Um, I’m confused. Whatchu talkin’ bout, Willis?

(Sorry, my Maxim subscription ran out. I haven’t seen the last two issues.)

Dude, in the Beat this Caption section, there’s a picture of a woman on a burning hanglider and that’s what one of the captions is("Mariah Carey…). It’s by a Chris Shugart, via e-mail. But maybe it was another Chris Shugart. sorry

Holy cow! I forgot I entered that one! Yes, that’s me! Actually, my caption was a little different than that. I think they changed it up a little, which is why it didn’t register at first. I guess I was just an honorable mention and not the main winner, huh?

I’ll have to go buy that issue now just to see my name in Maxim! Thanks for heads up. Now if I could only get into the Penthouse Forum. Sigh…

Yeah, you were a runner up. congrats nonetheless

Oh, and sure, send me an e-mail with your mailing info and shirt size and I’ll hook you up with a T-mag shirt.

I dunno … you think you should encourage stalking???