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Chris Shugart - you out there?

Chris - I was on John Berardi’s website and he mentioned that you may have penned an article on nutrition geared toward newbies. Is this true? Where can I find it?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve penned a lot of articles about nutrition, many geared toward newbies, so I’m not sure which one you mean. John may have also been talking about an article I’m working on but haven’t finished yet. What kind of info are you looking for exactly?

You can also hit the “previous issues” button over on the left and just look for my name. Over one hundred articles there from me so I’m sure you’ll find the info you’re looking for. If not, let me know.

Chris - thanks for the reply! I’ll look forward to the article in progress, and I will re-read your articles. What I’m looking for I guess is a dummies guide to nutrition. I’m not really a newbie, it’s just sometimes the information in those articles can be a little hard to digest (pardon the pun). Maybe I’m just being a lazy bastard. In my case for instance, I know that my diet sucks and I’ve been working to resolve that, it’s just how do I dissect all the information and get out what’s appropriate for me? I’m trying to adjust my eating habits, and lose fat while maintaining the mass I’ve gained. Gee, who isn’t? The info I’m most interested in would be what are good fruits to eat, what kind of grains can I eat, what’s the GI - where can I get a good book on it and is there a cheat sheet? When’s the best time to eat fruits, grains, etc. I realize that everyone is different, but is there a blanket rule that applies to most foods and individuals?

I appreciate your thoughts on this.

“A Dummies Guide to Nutrition” huh? That’s a nice article title. The article I’m working on is sort of like that. Is more of a “My First Diet” type of article. The premise is that dieting doesn’t have to be complicated. Imagine what fat Americans would look like if they: 1) stopped eating all fried foods and 2) Stopping drinking all non-diet soft drinks? (The average American drinks something like fifty-six gallons of this sugar water per year. Imagine the useless calories!)

Those two things alone would shrink the waist size of most people, yet many say that dieting is “too complicated” or they walk around confused (while eating french fries.) As I’ve said before, one day I’m going to write a diet book with one sentence: “Stop eating the crap you already know is bad for you!” In the words of my three year old daughter: Duh! Yet think about how many overweight people fall into this category?

Sorry, got off on a little rant there.

Anyway, yes, I do think some diet suggestions are universal; it’s only when you get into the smaller details that they change among individuals. Two articles at T-mag that may help you make better food choices (the core of any good plan) are “Foods that Make You Look Good Nekid” and “Lean Eatin’ II”. Just sticking to these lists would work wonders for those new to eating correctly. They can worry about the details later. I think those articles can be found in issues #172 and #210.

Two more articles that I think are must-reads are “The Missing Ingredient” and “Dawg School: The Bodybuilder’s Hierarchy of Needs”. The “Diet Manifesto” is a little dated now, but the info there should help you out too. After that, start pouring through Berardi’s stuff. He’s the man when it comes to this stuff. Hope this helps.

I think what most people need to realize (myself included) is that it’s not really a ‘diet’, but a lifestyle change. Just like working out is not a temporary fix - you’re either in it for the long haul, or you’re not.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestions and I will print those articles out right now.

On a totally unrelated note, a friend of mine is one of the T-vixen article girls - Sandy - she works out at my gym. I guess you two know each other...

Thanks again! Later.