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Chris Shugart: T-Nation Bug Thread!

We also developed them so that there would only be one popup window open at any time.

Here is one of the problems…when I?m reading about one articel on a forum and feel the need to re-read it agin I loose navigations on the forum and have to go back and search again or even when some one ask for a certain articel and so on.

>These windows are moveable and scalable so you can customize your own view of the page you are on.

Yes. But I have to move them everytime to have a chanse to read dem..carpel syndrom coming up, to read a good site I should have to do so little adjustments and by that move the cursor as little as possibly. Simple ergonomic thinking.

>Javascript is an extremely common development script and is supported by all current browsers.

McDonald is a very common place to eat but that doesn?t make it a good place to eat healty and tasty food.

>If your browser does not support Javascript, or if you have it disabled for specific reasons, please let me know.

Because all popups on other sites most people including me make javascripts inaktive in some way. Some companies have the policy to kill javascripts in there firewalls.

Some thoughts.