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Chris Shugart....Super Squats Hip Belt??

Chris, I’m wondering if you think the Super Squats Hip Belt would work for doing explosive/power type work. Ideally what I’d like to do is to use a combination of weights and chains and/or bands (think Westside) as part of a follow up program to Ian King’s White Men Can Jump. Any thoughts/suggestions would be much appreciated.

Well, I haven’t tried that, but I’d say traditional equipment would be better. Also, if you go with the Westside stuff, I’d just do it exactly how Dave and Louie say to do it. Why mess with what already works?

Still, you never know until you try.

Since I train Westside style, I would have to agree with Chris and say don’t change what works. Some of the stuff they do there seems a bit off the wall, but it works for whatever reason. The Hip belt could be an assistance exercise. Westside focuses more on sitting back and using the hams and lower back, while the hip belt is more for quads so I am not sure if it would be that great. But for a change of pace, it could work. For speed days, same thing. Plus, if you are really explosive the thing could fly up into your groin. Then you won’t really feel like lifting Westside (or any side) for a while! Hehe, hope that helps