Chris Shugart on HBO!!

hi Guys,

So who saw Chris in real sports on hbo yesterday? He was talking about steroid smugglin. The show will be repeated several times this week.

unfortunately i missed it, but i’ve got the tape in the vcr right now to record for tomorrow @ 12:30. can’t wait to see it.

Can you chime in and let us know when it will air? I would also like to tape it. What’s the name of the show so I can check the guide and set the VCR?

yo there’s like two other threads bout this…goto the site and find out when its on again…i think it’ll air 4 more times this month

Machine, set your machine to HBO for 12:30 PM Wednesday April 24. That is the east coast time. I am not sure when it is on in your area. The show is called Real Sports with Bryant Gumball.

Just a bump for those that can catch it around noon today. has a schedule too, just type in “Real Sports” and it’ll give you a complete listing. Looks like it’s running several times this month.