Chris Shugart-Omega 3

Hey Chris, I’m having a hard time locating the omega 3 supplement you wrote about in “stuff we like”, can you please repost the information. Thank You.

I bought mine at a local non-GNC health food store. If you go to you can get a list of retailers in your area and get a free sample. Personally, I’m sticking to capsules, but this appears to be a quality product.

Thanks Chris, can you give me an idea on how to get rid of that fishy aftertaste. Thank you.

When I first starting taking fish caps, I would take only one or two per day and I burped them up all day. After several months this just stopped happening. Not sure why. Now I take at least 12 caps per day, 3 at a time usually, and don’t have any “fish burps”.

Be sure and take them before you eat or with your first bite. Don’t take them when you already have a full stomach. This may help. You may also play around with different brands.

Burying them in your stomach (eating after taking them) helps, as was suggested. Something else I’ve found that helps – Keep them in the refridgerator and take them cold.