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Chris Shugart - How is HIT Going?


You?ve been on HIT for a while now, so I was just wondering how it?s going? Have you experienced any muscle mass gains? Losses? I would really like to hear your comments on what this type of training has done for you.

Thank you for your time.

Cheers Mate.


I second the desire for an update CS. Been a while since you blessed us with a story of your training parnet losingn his lunch and such.

Oh, But I do want to touch on one point to the Original poster. I dont think what Chris is doing can really be called HIT. I am under the impression that is has a few of the same ingredients of such a program but NOT the same.

I dont think he is using any slow reps and such and not going to failure persay on every set. I am inder the impression he is lowering the weight under control and giving it his all on the positive/up stroke. Also he is only going to failure on the last set and not on all exercises. I beleive he stated that squats for example are not to failure.

I think his is more of a program like CW recently laid out with TBT but with some failure on the last set.

That is just my impression and hopefully CS will chime in here with an update and if I am totally off base flame the hell out of me.


The original book detailed how one man gained 20 lbs of muscle. Now I?m not denying this, Tim Patterson helped, so I?m saying this is legit, so you?d think that Mr. S would have gained at least a couple of pounds of muscle or noticed some improvements. Chris has always seemed very straightforward and honest to me, so I?m looking forward to his response.


Phil’s got it about right, but let me hold off on posting my thoughts on all this for now. I’ll probably do a web log on this later.

I bought the New HIT and I am performing the first 6 week program. I’m on the third week and I have been keeping a strict workout log to make sure that I am improving with this type of training.

Here it is so far:

Exercise Weight/Reps

Hamstring curl 120/9
Leg Extension 165/12
Leg Press 630/8
Pull-Over 140/9
Bench Press 215/9
Bent Over row 125/10
Militray Press 125/12
Barbell Curl 85/10
Tricep dumbell 70/11
Forearm curl 45/10
Standing Calf raise 175/10
Leg Raises BW/12

I have gone up in every lift at least a few reps if not an increase in weight.

I am going to drop the leg press in exchange for the squat. I am much more comfortable squatting and I don’t like the restrictive movement of the leg press. It also takes a ridiculous amount of time to load up the leg press for one set to failure, thus killing the momentum of my work-out.

I am trying to keep moving with little rest so I will probably drop the bench press in favor of dips. The bench press is the only exercise I have to stop and find a spot in order to go to failure and even then most people in my gym will yank the bar away too early.
The program is working for me so far.