Chris Shugart: Forum Gallery

Chris: Any updates or furthur thought given to the idea proposed a while back for a “Forum Gallery” i.e. a place where readers could post pics?

i had posted that i was going to make one…and it’ll be up in a few weeks. i don’t know anything about a t-mag one.

Sorry, Michelle…that may have been what I remember reading…great idea! How’s it coming along?

the programming is no big deal, paying for the site is. it’s not much actually - about $25 a month, pre-paid for a year - but is not a priority right now. i’m planning to get it up and running by the end of the month!

Mufasa - on a completely unrelated note, I’ve been meaning to tell you that I absolutely love your name. :slight_smile: Comes from one of my favorite movies.

OK, I have to butt in here and just take some of the female adoration away from Mufasa for a sec (sorry bro!). Anyway, Michele, since this isn’t a commercial site, you can probably find a free-based area to host it (dare I say GeoCities … YUK!), or cheaper than $25/month. Hell, I’d give half price of what I normally charge which would come to $15/month. And if I twist my partner’s arm, we can do it for $10. Free hosting comes with annoying nags, that is true … but if money is an issue, I’m sure no one would mind. Just a suggestion from one web master to a web mistress. :slight_smile:

I write cold fusion primarily and will be creating a fully scaleable site (database driven, admins, etc.) that is why I have to pay for it. I have not found any free sites that host CF. In addition, the company I found will take care of all the domain registration stuff for me as part of the fees. Please let me know if you know of any free sites with CF!

A t-mag pix forum sounds cool! On a side note, a fellow t-man posted his pix on I did the same. If you want to check my progress out, use the id BuffGuyPurdue, pword chevrolet.

Michele, that makes a LOT more sense. I didn’t realize you were going to put that much of an effort into it. Much luck!

Screel, my main man, Mista Purdue…some hella good pics there, bro. You’re lookin’ hella ruff and tuff. When are those pics from and what are some of the approximates (height, weight, bf)? Cool deal, bro…

I’m down with a photo forum too. If there’s anything you need help with, Michelle, holler, babe.

thanks for the offers guys, but I’ve written a bunch of similar code already for my job…it’s not hard anymore, I just recycle!!! Eventually I’ll need volenteers to help ‘approve’ submissions througout the day, and I’ll let you know when that time comes!

Yup, not too bad, Screel. Gotta do something about that farmer’s tan, though. What would Bill Phillips say?!?! Nah, Just kidding. You look good, bud!

Timbo, those pix were taken about two weeks ago. I had my bf taken that very day matter of fact. I stand just a shade under 6’, weighed 202 in those pix at 10.16%. I’m pretty happy with them. I was comparing these pix with those the vixen took of me over Spring Break and its amazing the difference in just about four months. Of course, the Androsol, Tribex, and increased protein probably had something to do with that!

So what’s the word on this?

Screel - awesome pics. Whats your training and diet like? How about your genetics, were you a scrawny kid or fat or athletic? I think knowing where someone came from is very important because then you can get an idea if your body may work like theirs, so that you can decide whether their training and diet advice would be good for you. my opinion anyway.

Dave P-
I’ve been training seriously for the past three years. I started when I got to college, when I stood the same height, only 159 lbs. I guess I would say that I don’t train real fancy, just the basics. (I know, I sound like a Weider Mag), but in all seriousness, just the compound movements. Four day split, like this:
Monday-Back, Shoulders
Tues. Rest
Wed. Chest
Thurs. Rest
Fri. Bis, Tris, Forearms
Sat. Legs

sometimes 8 meals a day, always shooting for 40-50 grams protein per. Since its summer and I started leaning out, I prefer three whole food meals, the rest mrp’s or shakes. Turkey, tuna, lean beef, chicken, eggs. Carbs are low this time of year, around 150-200, mostly oatmeal, fibrous veggies, fruit. I am by no means an expert on this, but this is what works for me. Thanks a lot for your comments, its things like that that make this whole thing worthwhile!

We’ve tossed around having an official picture posting area of T-mag. But we’re also tossing around ideas about how to give away this $30,000…

Nah, I better not say too much. Don’t want to spoil any surprises. Let’s just say that we like the picture posting idea, but we’re thinking of ways to make it even better.