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Chris Shugart Atomic Dog

I just want to say ‘thanks’ to
Chris for his Guest Atomic Dog columns. I
mean, TC’s columns are twisted and perverted
and sometimes so funny I end up ROTFLMAO. But
damn … Chris’s columns get my adrenaline
pumping. Good to read right before going to
the gym. I think I’ll hit the gym now…

Same here…Chris Shugart’s columns rock!

Yeah, I was really impressed with Chris’ last article, it hit home on me as i’m sure others. It’s hard to talk to people about what we do because they just don’t understand. If I had balls I would say stuff like that to all the idiots that ask how do I lose a few pounds as they finish their double quarter pounder and fries.

ya… great column chris, even though I WILL NOT be working out this christmas

Great article, Chris. It made me want to hit the gym right then and there. Love the atmosphere here at T-mag.

I strongly agree. His articles always get me motivated when I need it the most. Great job Chris and Merry Christmas!

Indeed, Chris’ Atomic Dogs always make me feel like I imagine American’s felt the first time they saw Independence Day. I’m an Australian, so I compare it more to the end of Babe the talking pig. Keep up the good work - I’d write more, but it’s almost 5:45 am on Christmas morning and I have to get to my garage…

Nice work, Chris–a real tribute to bodybuilders everywhere. Next time someone asks me “Why?”, I’ll point them to your article.

I gotta agree with you guys. Chris is a great writer. TC is like Maverick, wild, crazy and spectacular, but Chris is like Goose, steady, insightful and always keep the ship pointing in the right direction.

Thanks for the feedback, guys. I really appreciate it.

I would like to thank you as well. I’m not a regular contributor to this forum nor do I read it that much. I wasn’t even sure who wrote the article, but I can tell you I needed it. I used to own a gym and kept the equipment I wanted so my garage is basically a gym. It hasn’t been used much in the last several years, however. I used to compete and live a very healthy lifestyle when I was in the gym business. Not sure what happened, but drinking became more of a priority. I have been successful in other business endeavors, but my physique and health have taken a backseat. Yes, that article was something I needed to read. Thank you, Chris. I want you to know also that Christmas morning I did legs in that garage in single digit temperature. It’s time for a change!

Since I've been out of the training scene for awhile, the names of writers except for Ron Harris and TC doesn't ring a bell. Since you all provide such good information, why do I never hear about John Parrillo? I followed his training and nutrition advice from 89 to 94 with dramatic results! Guess he went out with MCT oil as I don't see that it is popular anymore either. It all worked though.

Once again, I thank you.

Chris, you suck! You’re columns get me all pumped up and ready to hit the gym.

But I can’t do jack shit since both my shoulders and knee is all screwed up! I finished PT on my knee and right shoulder. But the left shoulder is separated from a mountain biking accident.

I’ve gone against doctor recommendations, and have hit the gym anyway. But it did cause more pain. Now with the holidays, my schedule is messed up and my freakin’ shoulder hurts!

And you just had to go and write an article to get me all pumped up. Then I realized I can’t do anything.

Well, don't you worry. I'll manage to do some in-line skating and biking during this next week. And I hope that's enough time to rest my injuries. Because once the new year is here, I'm hitting the gym!