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Chris S. and Others: The

Needless to say, I am VERY wary of something I see on an infomercial, but I was curious about this one.

Anyone with any thoughts, reviews or personal experience with the “LandRider” Auto-Shift bicycle? Seems cool…may be good for some low intensity “relaxing” aerobics. Seems credible.(Chris: maybe something to look at in “Things We Like”?)

Any thoughts?

Anyone with any experience on the “LandRider” Auto-Shift Bicycle?

I remember those from a few years back. All I really know is that serious bicyclists make fun of them.

As a past competetive cyclist, I’ll take a swing at this one. First off, the “Landrider” is probably fine for its intended users – non-serious riders who are just looking for something easy to hop on and get around on. For the competetive type, it’s going to fall short. There are MANY situations in racing and hard recreactional riding where one NEEDS to control the gear ratio. For just cruising around, it’s probably not needed. Of course, any time the machine does something for you, there’s more potential of something going wrong mechanically. With all that said, I’ll admit that I’ve never ridden a “Landrider.”