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Chris Penn...Gone.



So, Christopher Penn died yesterday. Cause of death was uncertain, though they said no foul play (murder or suicide) was apparent. Just a kind of bummer.

2 of my favorite lines he delivered:

"Stop pointing that gun at my Dad!"

and, the classic...

"Drop him like a toilet seat, Tommy!"


Actually he died 2 days ago. You're a tad late.




Wow man, my deepest and most sincere apologies. I'm sorry I was mistaken by 24 hours. I'm not entirely sure waht that has to do with anything, but...thanks for clarifying, I guess.


They found a friend of mine like that about a month ago. Neighboring appts. called because of the smell. He o.d.'d about a week before. Nasty.




"It's casual". Haha, some of his finer work.


Yeah,that sucks.I was just watching True Romance the other day and thinking that if he was in better shape,he'd be just as famous as his brother Sean.He was a fine actor and my heart goes out to his family.


He did a great job as one of the cops with Tom Sizemore in True Romance. Condolences to his family.


I just read that the recently released toxicolgy report found marijuana, morphine, valium, and codeine in his system. The official cause of death is listed as an enlarged heart (his weighed in at over 1.54 pounds, an average man's is between 9 and 11 ounces) but the coroner's office is saying that the drugs in his system added to the problems associated with his already enlarged heart.


That type of combo can put you down and you won't even realize it. When oxycontin hit the streets I asked a friend of mine that is an anasthesiologist why so many people were turning blue from that combo. To put it simply, he said that it shuts down the part of the brain that regulates breathing, and you just sit there and run out of oxygen.

Benzos and opiates don't mix too well.


Strange... the cnn page is gone, as is a yahoo one I found using google. ???