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Chris_ottawa's Training Log

Wednesday, September 16 - Main bench day

Bench press
340x6, 4 - I could handle another 5-10lbs for 6 but I can’t do another rep. 2nd set I still had another rep in me but not worth grinding for nothing. Bench is doing good for a change.

Close grip 2 board
315x7, 6

Floor pause DB tricep extension
45’s x14, 11, 9

Friday, September 18 - Deadlift day

Conventional DL
555x1 - I was going to do a few more singles but it wasn’t happening, not having a good day. This one felt a little shaky and slowed around the knees, not a max or anything but my singles with 545 a couple weeks ago were much better. I went for another one with straps but it didn’t want to go anywhere, normally I’m fairly fast off the floor but this came up about 2 inches and rather than try to grind it out I just dumped it. Since my kids started school again I’m getting up early every morning and I’m having trouble getting used to it, and it’s starting to show. This is one of those days where I just can’t get moving, maybe more caffeine before training would have helped.

495x4 - I would have been going for 6 or 7 reps but it’s just not my day. Next week is a deload so I still need to get some work in, otherwise it’s a complete waste of time.

I skipped barbell rows.

Chin ups - 45 degree supinated grip
bw+35x10, 7 - This was the only thing that felt good today. When I’m tired I find I can still push upper body stuff but my lower body won’t cooperate.

This was the worst deadlift session I have had in a while.

Saturday, September 19 - Bench assistance day

I went to bed early last night and slept well, but I have to work today so if I want to train I have to get up early. If I hadn’t already set things up so that next week is a deload I probably would have slept a couple more hours and skipped training.

Floor press
340x3, 3 - Could probably grind out another rep on both sets. Not terrible, but I would have wanted 4 or 5.

Military press
205x8, 7 - I still added another 10lbs as originally planned, the advantage is that I can’t quite tell how bad this is.

Side raise
30’s x13, 9

W shoulder rotation
super mini x3 sets

So this didn’t suck as bad as yesterday, although it was still below expectations. I find that deadlift is the lift most affected by fatigue, and pressing is the least affected.

Looking at deloading vs. having easy sessions here and there, seems like both have their pros and cons. Today and yesterday were two days where I would have otherwise turned it into an easy session, but right now that would mean a week and a half deload. A week seems like more than enough as it is anyway. Maybe the solution is to deload less often (like every 8 weeks or something like that) combined with easy session here and there?

The issue right now isn’t fatigue from training, rather not getting enough sleep for the last 2 weeks and it suddenly catching up with me in the last couple of days. I was falling asleep in the afternoon yesterday so I drank an energy drink but it had zero effect, not exactly a good sign.


Monday, September 21 - Squat day - deload

Squat - wraps - SBD

Squat - sleeves

Leg curls
light band x15

Band bad girl
light band x15

I dropped the leg extensions because they feel awkward with the band and I don’t think I’m getting anything out of them.

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Wednesday, September 23 - Main bench day - deload

Bench press
310x3x2 sets

Close grip 2 board

Band pushdown
super mini x15x2

I’m already anxious to lift something heavy. I think I’m going to set my training up differently so I only have a full deload every 8th week or so, it gets boring fast.