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Chris_ottawa's Training Log


Friday, December 7 - Light squat/main deadlift day

High bar pause squat/vertical jump
315x2x5 +1 jump - 1 min. rest

555x2 - Not sure if a 3rd rep was there so I cut it at 2. First rep was good but 2nd was hard, after looking at the video it appears I let the bar drift forward slightly somewhere below my knees. 3 reps would have been a PR, but at least I know I’m not getting weaker. I have been feeling a bit burnt out since last Friday, I still managed to get a squat PR but I can only keep pushing for so long and excuses are worth nothing. The other mistake I came to realize was that I’m pulling from the floor on the 2nd and 4th week of the block, it would be better if it was the 1st and 3rd so after next week’s deload I will do that in the next block. I don’t really care how much I pull from a deficit, it’s just a means to an end, but I need to see some progress on my pull from the floor.

Isometric/CAT deadlift
5-6 sec. pull on 675 on the floor, rest 3 min, 435x2, rest 3 min., repeat 3 times
The doubles came up like nothing, it felt like I was just guiding the weight up. I suppose that’s a indication that the isometrics are working. I certainly hope so because I don’t enjoy this at all.

Standing hip thrust
320x12x2 - I get the feeling that it’s time to switch this for something else

Barbell row
395x5x2 - some nice light rows to finish off the week

Overhand hold
345x 15 sec, 6 sec - I wanted to skip this but I knew I would regret it. 2nd round was worse than last week (10 sec) but I did what I had to do. Not bad considering I feel like death.


Hmm. How does it usually look when you fail your deadlifts?


The last time I failed a deadlift was sometime in the spring, it hasn’t happened since. Either I can’t get the bar off the floor or I get it a couple inches up but my hips get out of position and I’m stuck right there. There are times that it feels hard around knee level but I have never failed that high up since I switched to sumo, except one time when I was about to puke.


Monday, December 10 - Main bench day - deload


Floor pause DB flys
35’s x12x2

Chin ups - wide neutral grip
bodyweight x5x3

Next block is going to be a bit more volume and less intensity for bench, volume was already low and intensity was high so I mostly cut intensity on bench for this deload. I won’t be doing the same thing for squat and deadlift, I’m going to start squatting with the straight bar and knee wraps so I don’t want to cut intensity too much and deadlift will continue with what I have been doing for the last month so my regular deload protocols should be fine.


December 11 - Main squat day - deload

SSB squat
450x1 - felt easy enough. No Hatfield squats, overloads on a deload don’t make much sense and next week I’m planning to do a couple triples with 485 so this is more than heavy enough.

360x2x3 - 90 sec. rest

Paused SSB squat
315x4 - no use in deloaded dead squats so I did this instead.

Good Morning (SSB)
185x6 - I didn’t feel like switching bars and loading and unloading a bunch of plates to do one set of RDLs so I did this, same idea more or less. I haven’t done a good morning in a while so I didn’t know what was an appropriate weight, this was light so I did a few extra reps and called it a day.


Your training is always so clean and impressive. How long have you been lifting?

I would guess 5+ years with the insight to body feedback and the way you program


Lifting in the womb.