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Chris_ottawa's Training Log


Monday, September 17 - Main bench day

Bench press - paused
Rest pause singles - 345x6 - 15 sec. rest + set up between sets - the 6th was a grinder, no way 7 was happening so I shut it down. I will increase breaks by 15 sec. next week to prevent stalling too soon.

Plyo push ups
3x5 sets - 45 sec. rest

CAT bench
270x3x6 - 90 sec. rest

Close grip slingshot
380x3, 3 - another rep left in each set
345x6 - all out

Floor pause DB flys
45’s x15, 15, 10 - when I went to start the last set I realized that one of the collars was sliding off my adjustable dumbbells, messing around with that probably cost me a couple reps.

Chin ups - supinated - paused at the top

bw +55x5, 4, 3 - bodyweight drop set: 4 - I should probably change this to another variation or at least reduce the weight, chin ups for less than 5 reps per set just doesn’t seem right. I’m trying to stop the set before it gets too sloppy but there is no point in doing this for low reps.


What doesn’t seem right about low rep weighted chin-ups? I’ve seen @alpha do them in his YouTube videos often for sets of 3.


Very tough on just about everything. If you can get away with it great but elbows, wrists, shoulders, sometimes back all get grumpy quickly for me.

I think if you can get a weight pin, you will be a bit better off as the weight distribution is a little more stable/centered.


Well, he competes in strongman rather than PL so perhaps it is more useful for some of the upper body pulling events that they do. For PL, the lats are just a stabilizer muscle so 1rm strength is irrelevant, you want endurance rather than maximum contractile strength. Also some external rotation work to keep the shoulders in order.

A better question would be why should someone do heavy low rep sets of chin ups?