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Chris_ottawa's Training Log


Friday, July 13 - Light squat/deadlift day

Squat - transformer bar in back squat position
315x2x6 - 45 sec. rest

425x3x2 sets

Deficit deadlift
390x3x2 - hook gripped all deadlifts today, thumbs feel a bit tender. Time to get used to it again.

Barbell row
310x5x3 sets

No grip work, light grip work doesn’t make sense.


Monday, July 16 - Main bench day

Bench press - all reps paused
320x5, 5 - maybe could have done 2 more on the first set, one more on the 2nd. Ass stayed on the bench too.

Spoto press
295x3x3, wasn’t terribly challenging, 2-3 reps in the tank on all sets but I’m leaving myself room to progress. I thought 285 would be a good weight to start with, I did a double and stopped there because it seemed a bit too easy. The idea behind this is to teach me to maintain tension at the bottom of the lift, I have a habit of getting a bit loose when I pause and this should help with that.

Close grip slingshot
Wasn’t sure where to start, the plan was 2 sets of 5. Started with 315x2, too easy, then 345x2, seemed easy too. I did 365x4, stopped a rep short of the target because it would have been an all-out grind, the 4th rep was already a bit slow. Then dropped it down to 345 and did 5 good reps, could have done 6. Should have just gone with 345 after all, next week it will be 350.

Floor paused dumbbell flys
35’s x15, 13, 12 - intended to use 45’s but 35 (my last warmup set) felt heavy enough so I just went with it. These are harder than I expected.

Chin ups - supinated - paused at the top
bw+25x7,7,7 - I think I cheated on the very last rep. The point of pausing is to increase intensity without increasing weight and also to keep me from cheating, I tend to get sloppy with heavy chin ups. These were harder than expected, I was planning to do 8’s, I will use the same weight next week and go for more reps.


Tuesday, July 17 - Main squat day

Squat w/ wraps
455x5x2 sets - first set all reps looked well below parallel except the last one (maybe, maybe not). I wrapped my knees extra tight on the 2nd set (still 6 revolutions though) and from what I see every rep was right on the borderline, I’m not expecting any generosity from judges so that’s not good enough. However, wrapping tighter didn’t really make a noticeable difference in rebound either, I would say both sets were equal difficulty (about 2 reps in the tank), so “moderately tight” with 6 revolutions looks like the way to go. Maybe once I’m back up to 500+ I will be able to hit depth with them tighter, for now this is good. Tighter wraps are no advantage if you bomb out on depth.

CAT squat (knee wraps)

355x3x4 sets - 90 sec. rest - all well below parallel. Originally I was planning to do 3 sets in wraps and then 3 sets paused but I changed my mind, it looks like when I squat in wraps I rely too much on the rebound rather than trying to push full force where it’s easy and that results in it being harder further up. This should help.

Pause squat (low bar)
330x5x2 - was thinking of going heavier but I don’t want to get too greedy. Probably could do another 3 good reps on each set.

Snatch grip RDL - with belt from now on since it’s starting to get heavy
405x6x3 sets

Ab wheel rollout
7, 5, 5 - kept breaks to 1 minute (mostly because I wanted to get this over with), made the 2nd and 3rd sets feel harder. Not sure if this will do anything for me but it can’t hurt.