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Chris or TC: Milk Alternative?

Chris’s “Cool Tip” reminded me of something that is now DRIVING ME NUTS!

I read SOMEWHERE (and it was either Chris or TC) who had a recipe for Grow! “milk” (i.e. an alternative to milk using Grow!).


  1. How was it “made”? (I remember it being pretty simple).

  2. How did it compare nutritionally to regular milk? (Protein, Carbs, Ca, etc.)

Thanks guys!


That was me. I think I mentioned that in my <a href="http://www.t-nation.com/category.jsp?categoryID=37&pageNo=1"target=“new”>blog somewhere.

It’s just Low-Carb vanilla Grow! mixed with a little extra water. Ice cold is better too since milk is usually very cold compared to a blended protein shake. Texture and temperature are very important parts of taste.

I use one scoop of LC vanilla Grow! with a little extra water blended with crushed ice to make it really cold. Pour over cereal (Fiber One is about the only one I ever eat; the rest are crap) or wherever you’d normally use milk.

My daughter also gets “chocolate milk” sometimes too: LC chocolate Grow! usually cut half and half with regular milk.

Low-Carb Grow! “milk” adds more protein and less carbs, plus most people who are lactose intolerant can drink Grow! just fine.

This is quite good. I tried it with some bran cereal. Good P + C breakfast.