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Chris or T.C.: The Target?

With the advent of all the T&A in the Mags, it would be easy to say that Teenaged Boys are the key demographic…but those guys don’t have any money, and what they do have they spend on Skateboards, Video Games and Vasaline.

So…what IS the key demographic of the Muscle Mag reading public? What about of the supplement buying public?

VERY curious…

Hey now king Mufasa! I don’t spend money on anything but girls and body building!

Who reads Muscle Mag? Better question is does anyone read Muscle Mag? Hell, all it is is pictures and supplement advertisements. I must admit that I do get a kick out of their headlines BABES WRAPPED IN LEATHER SHOW YOU HOW CONTORTIONISM CAN SAVE YOU FROM INJURIES!! Shit I never look past the hot babe section(wait that’s the whole mag). I have seen them in bathroom stalls. I’ve never bought one. As for supps I’m 44 and currently purchase supps from Biotest only other than MRPS which I buy Muscle Meals. As soon as Biotest comes back out with the GROW MRP I’ll be buying it. I can,t see kids buying too many supps for the reasons you stated. Plus they have to take out their girlfriends after looking at the latest Muscle Mag.

Well, I’ve never seen any official studies of this, but I think TC once said that most muscle magazine buyers are males in their late teens to mid-twenties. You’re right about that being a broke demographic and perhaps that why the mags and ads have gotten so over the top ridiculous lately – they’re all just clamoring to get that limited amount of money/attention span.

I’m also guessing that this is one reason why Muscle Media changed. The new target of that mag is older people (read more disposable income) and women. Plus more people want to lose fat rather than gain muscle so you see a shift there too in the regular mags.

The T&A sells more mags obviously. And I think sex appeals to all demographics, not just young guys. Some mags even include a few “gay” looking pics to appeal to the homosexual population. In fact, a couple of muscle mags (I’m sure you know the ones) are in fact published by gay men for a gay audience. The whole “fitness” theme is a joke as these are not-so-cleverly disguised stroke mags aimed at the gay market. And I’m not making this up or being homophobic. I read an interview with a guy who owned 2 or 3 of these “exercise” mags that fit this category and he’s very open about who his audience is.

I think T-mag appeals to a wide age range. Our audience tends to be more experienced and more educated. It’s more a matter of IQ than age, although at one time I would have guessed our core audience to be older than normal since older = more experienced in most cases. But now I can’t say that. T-mag readers cover the whole age spectrum.

Grow! is back in a low carb version Classic Grow! will be out soon.

Naked: Just a clarification; I’m speaking of ALL the muscle mags in general…not just “MuscleMag International”…

(Just needed to clear that one up!)

My bad, shit I knew reading those damn muscle mags would fuck up my intellegence. Testosterone and sometimes Ironman are the only two I give a crap about and you could still condense Ironman down to about half it’s weight. My only problem with T-mag is that it doesn’t come out often enough. It is the only one I actually look forward to seeing in my mailbox.Sorry about the mistake, must go, leg day!!