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Chris' Log



Had a really shitty workout. Everything felt heavy and I didn’t do more than 2 sets of anything. Just kind of fumbled through everything. I took it as a sign of needing rest and a refuel day. So I upped my BCAA’s and took in more protein.

Now that I think about it I had a few beers and rum on saturday night, which might of been why I felt like shit during my workout

Also, I took today (monday) off to refuel. Which was good, because work sucked ass today.

Apparently my post didn’t go through last night. Whatever, I just picked up heavy shit, dropped it and picked it up again.

Today I did Back

Rack pulls - 2" below knee
5 sets of 2x365lbs with a negative (?) pull-ups following set

Lat pulls
5 sets of 8 - did them slow holding the contraction for a second

DB Rows
2 sets of 12x95lbs

I measured my arms this week and am a member of the 18" arm club… Although at 6’5", I need to 2" more to look massive.

Tried to hit the gym this morning and apparently so did the rest of the city. Parking lot completely full as well as neighboring (closed) businesses. I figured if I have to wait for a spot to park, I’ll be waiting for the squat rack and left. Time to look into finding a new quieter gym.

Ended up doing hill sprints instead.


2nd attempt at legs

Front squats


Leg Press


Leg extensions

Stair master 10 minutes on my toes. My calves were burning. I’m feeling much better doing legs. My hamstring feels like it’s finally healed as it isn’t hurting any more during workouts. I’m going to try going up to 275 this weekend.


Chest - for some reason it didn’t post.


Went for a quick jog


Shoulders/Upper back


Legs - almost didn’t do legs today because my lower back was a lil sore. I decided to stretch it out and not make excuses for skipping leg day.

worked up to 3x5x225 the weight felt really heavy on my shoulders, but I was able to squat much deeper than previously (few inches below parallel)

Front Squats

Negative DL with 2 25lb plates under each foot. ~4-5" lift
1x1x275 kept good form and it went up really easy, but I definitely tweaked my back on this.

Leg Extensions Machine
4 sets. Really focused on quick up and slow eccentric. On the last set I dropped the weight and did 1.5 reps.

After I got home sat down to watch the Ducks game got up few minutes later and my lower back was in pain… I can’t fully sit up. Hopefully a warm shower and Icy hot will fix it.

My back is still out so decided to take a refuel day.

Well shit. Went to the chiropractor today and he said I slipped a disk and will be out for 8-12 weeks. Hopefully I’ll recover faster and can get back to it.I’d hate to have to stop that long. Gonna really focus on my diet.

Some progress pics.