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Chris' Log

After lurking for 4 years I have finally decided to post; I figure this is the best way to keep me going. I am gonna try and log my training and post progress pictures every week.
Age 21
Height 6’5
Weight 235
Bench 225x3
Squat 225x8
DL 315x3
A little about me. I tore my hamstring playing baseball in highschool and after spending 4 months on crutches (pretty severe tear, tore from my calf and butt. I felt the hamstring roll into a ball.) After highschool I played down in So. Cal, but tore my shoulder cuff… I swear my height screwed me. I took 2 years off for my shoulder and cause I was pissed; I just got serious about lifting again 4 months ago. I started weighing 218 and out of shape. Since then I have gained quite a bit of size. My goal is to get up to 250 and then cut. I have given up on playing baseball again so my main focus is just getting bigger, but still being able to throwdown in basketball. I do a four day split. Back, Chest/shoulders, Legs, Arms.

Well, three years later, I am going to attempt to update this regularly.

I have been consistently training for 4 months. My goal is to cut down to 235 by August 2nd as I am the best man in a wedding and would like to be in better shape than my best friend. He used to weigh over 400 lbs and now weighs 205.

Height: 6’5
Weight: 248
Bench: 245
Squat: 275
Deadlift: 405
OH Press: 185

I’ll be doing a four day split with cardio following my workout. I have never liked cardio, actually I despise it, but I have found that watching House of Cards or SOA while doing the stair climber works well.

My split looks like:

I rarely do direct arm training. I feel like I get a pretty good pump, in my arms, just from doing my workouts. I occasionally will throw in some curls or triceps extensions.

Day 2


Flat BB
2 sets of 8x135
2 sets of 6x185
2 sets of 4x205
Burn out on 135

3 sets of 12

Incline DB
1 set of 8x55
1 set of 8x75
3 sets of 3x85

3 sets of 10x35

Day 3

I was supposed to do legs today, but a group of HS teens jumped on the 2 squat racks right before I got there. I just decided to skip to back and will hit legs later in the week.


1 set of 10x135
2 sets of 10 of 225

1 set of 8x135
1 set of 8x 225
1 set of 5x 315
1 set of 2x 365

Kroc Rows
1 set of 16x80 db’s
2 sets of 16x100 db’s

I didn’t time my food right today and didn’t have energy left after my last set of rows. Regardless, still got a decent pump.

Day 4


OH press
1 set of 10x45
1 set of 10x65
1 set of 8x105
2 set of 5x135
3 set of 4x155

Wide Grip Upright Row
3 sets of 8x105

Seated Military
1 set of 10x50’s
1 set of 18x60’s
2 set of 6x75

Behind Neck Lat Pulldown
3 set of 6x175

Face Pulls
3 set of 10

Superset 3x12
Lateral Raises

I used to have serious shoulder problems, a result of baseball. I can’t remember if I read an article or made it up myself (most likely not), but increasing the ‘pull’ excercises for shoulders increases shoulder health and is better for overall size. Now that I think about it, I think it was a Cressey article. I haven’t had shoulder problems at all in 5 months and I have seen significant size increase. Now I need to figure out what to do with these stretch marks on my shoulders.

Well despite not posting for over a month I have been putting my time in at the gym. My sister got married to a Kiwi and all my free time was taken entertaining his family.

I have decided to do a physique competition next May. I’d love some feedback on how feasible that is. I’ll put some before and after pictures up to give an idea on my conditioning and size. My biggest issue will be conditioning, I haven’t been below 10% BF since freshman year of college. Although, so far I have lost ~4 inches on my waist. Went from a 38" to 34". I have lost all the size without losing any weight, I pretty much have stayed at 245-250. I’m assuming that is because I have put on quite a bit of muscle.

With 9 months until the show I was thinking that I would cut down to 8% BF then work on bringing up anything that is lagging until Februrary and cutting to 5-6% before the show at the end of May. I would love feedback on what your experience is with cutting down before a show and timing. Also, will my height (6’5") be a huge hinderance?

I have moved things around with my split. It seems to make sense based on how I feel after working out - Hamstrings sore on back day from deadlifts/RDL etc.

Arms/Calves/Long Intense Cardio
Shoulders/Traps/Upper Back
Lower Back/Glutes/Hams

I have calculated, including deficit, 2100 calories a day. I used the Lose It App. I’m not sure how accurate that is since it only takes into account height and weight. Because of my job, I have a tough time having prepared meals during the summer as it’s difficult to keep things cold. I eat a lot of protein bars. shakes and nuts. I am a project manager for school construction projects so I spend a lot of time in my car and on site. Once school starts, i spend 2-4 days in the office, but currently I am traveling to, or on site 5 days a week. Because I don’t have a lot of ‘real’ meals, I drink a shake 30-45 minutes before working and then have a large meal after.

I’ll try and get some pictures up. I appreciate any input.

Shoulders/Traps/Upper Back

Strict OHP
3 sets of 8x135lbs

Snatch Grip High Pull
2 sets of 5x205lbs
3x225lbs felt pretty good at 205 so decided to try 225

Wide Grip Strict Upright Row
3 sets of 8x95lbs

Seated Overhead DB press
3 sets of 60lbs

Had to end my workout early as I have a vision issue that prevents me from driving at night legally/safely.

Ended the day with 2,229 Cals.


I don’t know why it rotated it.

Thursday - Off

Friday - Back/Hams

Rack Pulls

2 sets of 8x135
2 sets of 8x225

Bent Over Row
2 sets of 10x135
2 sets of 10x185

Speed DL
2 sets of 8x135





Jogged a mile in the morning. Just missed the 6 minute mark because my shoe was untied.

Front Squats
5 sets 5x185lbs

Quad Extensions
4 sets of 8

Flat Bench
2 sets of 12x135lbs
2 sets of 8x185lbs
2 sets of 6x205lbs

Bodyweight 3 sets of 12

Incline DB Press
2 sets of 12x60lbs
2 sets of 8x75lbs

Negative Flys
3 sets of 8x50lbs

Close Grip Bench
2 sets of 12x95lbs
2 sets of 12x115lbs

Overhead DB Extensions
3 sets of 12x50lbs

Shoulders/Traps/Upper Back

To warm up I Supersetted - Wide Grip Shrugs and Flexed Lat Hangs

Snatch Grip High Pull
4 sets of 5x185lbs

Strict OHP
3 sets of 8x135lbs

Lat Pull Down
4 sets of 8

Smith Machine Seated OHP - (Not sure how much the bar weighs?)
4 sets of 8x185lbs

Cable Row
4 sets of 8

Upright Row
4 sets of 8

Face Pulls
4 sets of 8



I decided to sneak a light chest workout in before I did arms. My chest has always lagged behind, which I thought was due to my height at long arms. However, I had the thought today that I don’t train my chest like I train my back/arms/shoulders.

Flat BB Bench
10 sets of 6 1.5 reps



I ended up getting sushi 45 minutes before working out, not sure if that’s why, but I had a really good pump.


!.7 Mile Jog. Felt pretty good, definitely improving in shape.


Lower Back/Hams

Today I was going for a max deadlift. I had a good meal 1 hour before lifting and took my pre workout 30 minutes before. I felt great going in.

BB Shrugs ? Just to get used to the weight
2 sets of 12x135lbs

2x315lbs On the last rep I felt my self leaning forward and ended up using a lot of back, but it came up really easy.
1x365lbs Went up super easy.
1x425lbs 365 went up so easy, I thought I could skip my previous (current) PR of 405 easy. I was so focused on using my legs that I cleared my hips to soon and I ended up with the bar 3" off the ground with my back parallel to the floor. I just dropped the weight knowing I didn’t have a chance. I decided to just drop the weight and work on Sumo Deads.

Sumo Deads
3 sets of 5x225lbs

3 sets of 5x225lbs

Kinda pissed I missed the PR to form, but what the hell I’ll go for it next week. Also, I can’t be too pissed because my goal is to really drop weight rather than going for strength.



All three squat racks were being used and didn’t feel like waiting forever, so I will do legs and arms tomorrow.

Barbell Bench
5 sets 5x185 (45 sec pause between sets)

BW 3 sets of 8

Incline press
5 sets of 10x70lb DB (45 sec pause between sets)

Negative flies with neutral grip press
3 sets 8x50lbs



2 sets 8x135lbs
3 sets of 8x225

Front Squats
3 sets 5x135lbs


Leg Press
5 sets of 8