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Chris' Log - Getting Serious



I’m stoked. 10 days on an island somewhere and 8 days in an infinity pool on a scary high floor in Bangkok.


2 eggs, corn tortilla, Parmesan cheese and bacon

Cabbage and bacon

Cauliflower pizza

Morning .75 mile walk


BN Press

Lateral Taises

KB Press


The islands are beautiful and Bangkok is bananas. You will gain some serious weight when you are there. The food is just so fucking awesome. The street food around Bangkok in particular is just amazing. I don’t know what half the shit I ate even was and I probably don’t want to.


Which island(s) have you been too?



2 eggs, corn tortilla, one slice bacon, 1/8lb sausage

1/2lb BBQ meats - pulled pork, ribs and steak with Green beans

1/3lb Ground Pork and 6 goat cheese and sundries tomato raviolis

Morning 1.25mile walk

2x20 front squat with bar
5x10 front squat grip lunges with bar

Hip hurts to load with weight. So… gotta a great pump and leg cramping with no breaks between sets of lunges.



Breakfast - protein bar and 1/8th lb of pulled pork

Lunch - Rice, Chicken, egg, veggie assortment. Pictures below. I split this into two meals

2nd lunch (3:00pm) - leftovers from above

Dinner - Pad Ke Mow. Think lad Thai, but with bigger noodles.


Rack Pulls
3x10x135 - hip hurt slightly
3x5x225 - hip hurt slightly more, but not so much that I couldn’t keep going

Pull-ups and KB Rows
12 and 3x12

Hitting the road first thing tomorrow for my weekly work trip. Going to get a gym membership in this city, since I’ll be there every week for next 3-5 years.


Have you not been eating for the last 5 days…:thinking::rofl:


Haha! Fair point. I hired a coach and didn’t think I should put his diet plan out there.

Pretty basic stuff - starving, daily cardio, no alcohol or sugar.

I bought a 40LB weight vest and have been doing morning walks. Workouts have changed to more bodybuilder style, body part split. Actuallly training arms nowadays.


Fair call, I was the same actually
High volume?


Yep, for me at least! Four days a week, body part split. 8 exercises and ~24-30 sets.


Is his identity secret? Curious who you chose for this task!


No secret. I contacted @robstein.

One full week in and down to 224.4 today, from 230. A huge change for me has been morning walks. I bought a 40LB vest because I live in the middle of farm land, with no hills. Just a mile every morning has kicked my ass.


That’s awesome. I think there will be a time where I’ll be contacting him as well to whip my ass into shape.


4th day in a row of 1 mile walk with 40lb vest

After work:
Back and Bis (Haven’t done back and bis in years)
20 Minutes incline treadmill.

Nutrition: Followed the plan. No cheating.

/Still fat



No Morning cardio… didn’t have time today

After work:
Leg day - Quads then Hams. Really good workout. Had to end the hams early, because they were cramping.
20 Minute incline treadmill

Nutrition: Followed the plan. No cheating. Really enjoyed the Halo Top on leg day.

/Still fat.


Throwback. Through university I would get anywhere between 1-3 workouts in per week, rarely did I miss a back and bis day though! Weighted ab rope pulldown for our finisher. Oh I miss those days.

I see Rob is sharing some of his personal hacks, I like it.


This is what I start back day with. I haven’t had my lats so sore.

As an update - still alive and kicking. I saw 221 on Friday morning, but this weekend was shitty eating. I was on a trip supporting an non-profit and all my meals and day were planned for me. Yesterday, for example, I was given the option between almond croissants or donuts at 7am. Then told lunch wouldn’t be until 3 or 4pm so make sure to get what I need. I say all this because I have a check in with @robstein in the morning.

Also, I’m halfway through 12 days of travel. I left home last Monday at 530am for work. Got back on Thursday night. Then left Friday at 4am and got back tonight. I leave tomorrow morning at 6am, get back Wednesday night, then leave again on Thursday morning and get back mid-day Saturday.


Just finished a 65 hour work week. First day home in 12 days. Made sure to do 15 minutes on stair climber before each meal.

/still fat



20 minutes on the stair climber.

Was starving before dinner so jumped back on the climber and got another 15 minutes.



Down 10lbs today, which puts me at 10lbs lost in 4 weeks. Woke up to 20 minutes of stair climber. Diet was on point, if not a bit light on calories. Tomorrow, is a travel day for me… but, the plan is to wake up early and get cardio in before traveling. Then, four hours of driving 7 hours of meetings and finish with a chest day.

We are upping cardio 30 minutes post weights and reducing cals a bit. The goal is 20lbs more in 8 weeks.


Still been keeping at it. Just super busy. Haven’t worked less than 63 hours in a long time.

30 minutes stairclimber
Back workout

My wife and I host thanksgiving, so appetizers start at noon and food goes until 8pm. I put 95lbs on the bar and did amrap strict press every time I ate food. Lol, I’d come back from the garage with another drink as if I was restocking the fridge with drinks.

I ended up with 180 reps in 11 sets.