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Chris' Log - Getting Serious



Thanks for the invite! Unfortunately I am leaving Tuesday night. I’ll be back in 3 weeks, I’ll let you know the exact dates when I find out.


Thanks @bigjez and @ChickenLittle 8 years of contributing on this site, without accomplishing my goal.


Cool man, let me know.


But! Have you made progress?


Yea… for sure. Last 3 years I have. It’s the break in between. I’ll post a photo soon enough of my ‘post getting married’ start. Moreso disapointed in myself for not pushing things. My career has really taken off and I alllow my stress eating to out weigh my desire to cut up.

In other news… back still hurts. Good news… FB marketplace is the greatest invention. Since I drive up and down the interstate, I buy old gym equipment or tires from rural areas and sell them up in populated areas. It’s paying for all the mods on my truck. Haha.


Progress is progress! Just keep moving foward.
I scored a helluva deal on some plates on FB marketplace!


You’re familiar with OR, if I remember correctly? Between Cottae Grove and Grants Pass is a treasure trove of gym equipment. $20 for 400lbs in weights and two bars.

Tuesday Night
42 minutes of treadmill

Wednesday Morn
30 Minutes of treadmill

Thursday Morn
25 Mjnutes of treadmill

Friday Morn
One giant set of 50 KB Rows per arm.



Hell of a day. Can’t even begin to explain.

Front Squats
5x10x95lbs - 20 second rest.

Trying to loosen up my back. It’s still pretty tight. I probably did 12 sets with just the bar. Hoping to get a decent leg day in tomorrow.



Back is a bit achey. Did 50 KB Swings in the morning.

Then fixed lawn mower and decided to mow without the AWD on. Forgot how much work it is to now. Then 4 hours of weed whacking and cleaning.

Afternoon workout
KB Swings
1x100x40lb - light enough weight to hit cardio failure before muscle failure.

Front Squats
3x12x95lbs - just trying to keep it light and focus on quads. Have a feeling my back couldn’t handle too much load.

KB Swings
1x75 - no way 100 was in me. Ha.

Pullups throughout workout.

Legs are cramping, hands are shaking, hoping for some good weight loss this month :wink:


My legs are toast today. Specifically my hamstrings. Might try and lift later, might not.

Also… just found a hack squat machine for dirt cheap. Will be my newest addition if this guy gets back to me.



50 KB Swings

OHP Press

Hangclean and Press

KB Press

20 minutes of cardio

EDIT: I’m also starving. Think that’s a good thing.



How the fuck is it Friday already? Anyway… wife went to ER yesterday morning and had surgery that night. Will be home from hospital tomorrow. Sadly, the couch in the room hasn’t been good for my back. I was able to sneak in a few Pullups when I ran home for supplies.

Will be back to hit it (mildly) hard tomorrow.


Hope everything is well mate


Thanks man. Things are getting better. Wifey is feeling better, although on bed rest for the next few weeks.

KB Rows


Hang Cleans

Front Squat

KB Narrow Stance Squat
3x15x60lb in each hand

Kept it fairly light without breaks.

Diet has been good. No cheating in the last week. Hoping that posting my daily diet will help me squared away:

Protein Bar

Didn’t have much time, was racing to get things situated, take care of a hurt chicken and head to work.

Cup of Rice
Cup of Mac n’ cheese
1/3lb of beef

Burger and Fries

I mean, not great… but probably under my TDEE. Also, today was day 2 of 4 on albuterol. I’m doing 4 on - 6 off.


I’ve been an irregular visitor on the forums of late, so I just saw your post about wifey… Hope all is getting better.


Sorry to hear, hope all is well man.

Is this a nickname for your wife, or one of your actual hens?


She’s doing well now. Had a major emergency surgery.


Haha! The rooster is carol. He was born with the word against him. He’s a bantam Silkie with a cross beak.


Haven’t worked out much until today. Mother in law has been in town.

25 KB swings

Strict Press

Amrap push


Pull-ups and pull aparts
Throughout workout.



Back day… lower back felt super weak, so scratched any form of deadlift.

Very light Rack Pull
3x12x135 - just trying to squeeze my back and not hurt myself.

BB Row & Dropset with KB row
4x12x60lb KB

Pull ups
12 - 3 sets

60 reps

I think my hips are tight and this is causing my back pain. The way I have been stretching isn’t working. I decided to do yoga after workout and cycled between warrior poses and child pose. My back and hips popped so much when I hit childs pose. Hoping this loosens it up in next few weeks. I’ll try and hit heavier rack pulls mid next month, depending how this works.