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Chris' Log - Getting Serious



oh so much worse. The cramping I get on clen is so bad I can’t even really train


So far, I have done 5 days of Ephedra, 2 days off, 3 days of albuterol. I’m going to take 3 days off again. Before jumping back into albuterol. I know it’s got a short half-life, but I still feel the effects today. Or… maybe it’s the ephedrine?

EDIT: I’m down 6lbs since I started this.


I’d take longer off.

Patience, grasshopper.


Legs were fried today from deadlifting and crazy cramps. Since my last OHP day was a PR decided to take it easy and do Grace. I complete just under 7:00, which is a pr. Damn my heart was racing.

Finished with some abs and arms. Am I CrossFit now?



Thrusters 10x135

Front Squats

Front Squat grip lunges

Abs and arms.

Gonna stat hitting abs harder now that they will be making an appearance.


Saturday Morning
5 minutes stairclimber

50 Swings 60lber

Incline Flies

Incline KB Press

Incline Barbell Bench

Chest had a great pump and sore already. Proof you don’t have to do crazy shit to get a good pump, instead jus change the order of exercise. Between sets of flies and incline KB Press I did 20 ice skaters.


You should probably start a thread letting everyone know that this is the best/only way to achieve a bodybuilder skin-splitting pump.


Lol!! I found the secret! I’m not gonna tell until after June 1 though. They can’t know!

Sunday afternoon
3 hours of baseball practice.

Swing is money right now… although, abs are sore.



Worked up to 3x2x395lbs - this is a Current best. I went into it saying three doubles. I could have gotten 4 the first set, probably 3-4 on the second, on the last I tried for AMRAP, but 2 was the max. Lol.

TB HIgh Pulls

KB Row and Pullups

  • Lots in between things


On a work trip, so only have hotel today and tomorrow morning.

20 Minutes inclined treadmill


All done rest pause style. Getting ready for a board meeting now.


Friday Morning
Mile jog

Hour of hitting

Axle Press
Behind Neck

KB Snatch and Press

KB Row



Pretty much starved myself yesterday. Breakfast was a cheese stick. Lunch was 8 meatballs. Then didn’t eat dinner. I popped 50mg of Ephedrine and suffered all day. I woke up at 223, which is down 13lbs since last month.

Monday Night Workout
Front Squat
2x1x225 - had nothing in me. ha

Woke up today and had a burrito for breakfast. The plan is to eat a bird’s lunch, then have meat and veggies for dinner. I’m calling this the week of suffering. On Friday I’ll re-feed again. My attempt at @Yogi1’s harsh dieting plan.


Not even close! Although I’m proud of you for trying


Did I eat too much?


Here’s the classic Yogi diet:

-2 meals of chicken/turkey breast, olive oil, salad leaves
-A post-workout meal of chicken/turkey breast and olive oil, this time with a little white rice
-A fourth meal of - you guessed it - same shit as your first two meals.

Sometimes turkey/chicken thigh is used instead of breast, but olive oil is subtracted accordingly. Very occasionally I’ll eat eggs. I think when I try it again next time I’ll use coconut oil as I read something about it promoting fat-burning better than other fats.

Gives about 200g protein, 80g of carbs, fill in the rest of the calories from fat to give BW x 10.

Refeed every 10-14 days.


Still lifting, although not quite every day. Recent highlights were TBDLs 5x5x325lbs EMOM and a OHP day, with 5x5x175lbs. I might be able to squeak in a workout tomorrow. I have to leave early for a round trip out of town project. Not sure when I’ll get back. Then Meetings from 7-5 on Friday and a flight at 5am on Saturday.

It’s Wednesday and I’ve worked something like 43 hours.


Grinders always win. Until they burn out and run out of fucks to give. Hang in there.


Still been grinding. Just no time to post.

Tonight’s workout

Front Squats and TBDL
4x5/no rest break


Been doing a lot more cardio in the morning. Quarter mile jog, 30 yard sprint, 30 yard jog, etc. etc. ending with quarter mile jog. I’ve had to take more albuterol :wink: to help with my ‘breathing’.

Worked up to a very easy single at 205
.25x225 - ha, got the heel of my shoe on my trap bar as I stepped forward. I went with the set and my arms weren’t synced. Left arm lagged

.75x225 - lol couldn’t lock it out. I’ve definitely got 215 if I try. That would be a 10lb PR. Overall, my Press is increasing drastically!

Rows, Pullups, Kb Snatches

TBDL holds 3x45 seconds



Equals a 20lb PR that you just smashed! Well done mate, you can definitely go around telling all the kids that you can push 2plates over your head.