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Chris' Log - Getting Serious



oh so much worse. The cramping I get on clen is so bad I can’t even really train


So far, I have done 5 days of Ephedra, 2 days off, 3 days of albuterol. I’m going to take 3 days off again. Before jumping back into albuterol. I know it’s got a short half-life, but I still feel the effects today. Or… maybe it’s the ephedrine?

EDIT: I’m down 6lbs since I started this.


I’d take longer off.

Patience, grasshopper.


Legs were fried today from deadlifting and crazy cramps. Since my last OHP day was a PR decided to take it easy and do Grace. I complete just under 7:00, which is a pr. Damn my heart was racing.

Finished with some abs and arms. Am I CrossFit now?



Thrusters 10x135

Front Squats

Front Squat grip lunges

Abs and arms.

Gonna stat hitting abs harder now that they will be making an appearance.


Saturday Morning
5 minutes stairclimber

50 Swings 60lber

Incline Flies

Incline KB Press

Incline Barbell Bench

Chest had a great pump and sore already. Proof you don’t have to do crazy shit to get a good pump, instead jus change the order of exercise. Between sets of flies and incline KB Press I did 20 ice skaters.


You should probably start a thread letting everyone know that this is the best/only way to achieve a bodybuilder skin-splitting pump.


Lol!! I found the secret! I’m not gonna tell until after June 1 though. They can’t know!

Sunday afternoon
3 hours of baseball practice.

Swing is money right now… although, abs are sore.



Worked up to 3x2x395lbs - this is a Current best. I went into it saying three doubles. I could have gotten 4 the first set, probably 3-4 on the second, on the last I tried for AMRAP, but 2 was the max. Lol.

TB HIgh Pulls

KB Row and Pullups

  • Lots in between things


On a work trip, so only have hotel today and tomorrow morning.

20 Minutes inclined treadmill


All done rest pause style. Getting ready for a board meeting now.


Friday Morning
Mile jog

Hour of hitting

Axle Press
Behind Neck

KB Snatch and Press

KB Row



Pretty much starved myself yesterday. Breakfast was a cheese stick. Lunch was 8 meatballs. Then didn’t eat dinner. I popped 50mg of Ephedrine and suffered all day. I woke up at 223, which is down 13lbs since last month.

Monday Night Workout
Front Squat
2x1x225 - had nothing in me. ha

Woke up today and had a burrito for breakfast. The plan is to eat a bird’s lunch, then have meat and veggies for dinner. I’m calling this the week of suffering. On Friday I’ll re-feed again. My attempt at @Yogi1’s harsh dieting plan.


Not even close! Although I’m proud of you for trying


Did I eat too much?


Here’s the classic Yogi diet:

-2 meals of chicken/turkey breast, olive oil, salad leaves
-A post-workout meal of chicken/turkey breast and olive oil, this time with a little white rice
-A fourth meal of - you guessed it - same shit as your first two meals.

Sometimes turkey/chicken thigh is used instead of breast, but olive oil is subtracted accordingly. Very occasionally I’ll eat eggs. I think when I try it again next time I’ll use coconut oil as I read something about it promoting fat-burning better than other fats.

Gives about 200g protein, 80g of carbs, fill in the rest of the calories from fat to give BW x 10.

Refeed every 10-14 days.