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Chris Leben's Training Tips

March 21, 2005
Training Tips from Chris Leben:

I get a ton of emails everyday from people asking me how I get in shape for fights, what my workout regimen is like, what kind of diet I follow, etc. So here’s a list of the top 10 things that have contributed to my success as a fighter. Enjoy.

  1. I like to split up my workouts throughout the day. Drill and work cardio in the morning, and then do hard rounds at night.

  2. Switch to light beer.

  3. Eat lots of vegetables. Don’t eat dairy products. Nuts are good.

  4. Don’t start drinking beer until after noon.

  5. Plyometric exercises are an excellent way to get into fighting shape.

  6. Don’t have sex at least a week before your fight. Aw who am I kidding…

  7. Try to drink at least a gallon of water a day.

  8. Line your mouthpiece with chew. This will help it stay in better, and it’ll give you that extra boost of energy during your fight. I prefer Copenhagen.

  9. Before your fight, shave your entire body and cover yourself with lotion. This will help you slip out of submissions easier.

  10. Don’t shower the day before your fight. On second thought, make it 3 days. Don’t brush your teeth, either.

Now I’m not going to guarantee that they will work for everyone, but hopefully you found these tips useful enough.

-Chris “the Cat Smasher” Leben


Beautiful, although some of that sounds a bit more like Tank Abbott.

“I come in here smelling like booze and strippers, and I still put the stamp on kids.”


Funny. A good friend was a high school wrestler, and he also told me that he would not shower 3 days before a fight :slight_smile: